Friday, December 26, 2008

Dog Shoplifting caught on Security Camera

Dog Shoplifts rawhide bone from a grocery store was caught on the store's security camera. He was even confrunted by the store manager but managed to excape. He has not been caught as of this posting.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Research Triangle

The Research Triangle is often referred to as “The Triangle.” It is a region in the Piedmont of North Carolina. The Research Triangle Regional Partnership (RTRP) began in 1990 and was created by community leaders from Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. They all decided to market their communities together.

The leaders knew that in order to strengthen their individual community initiatives that they would need to take a regional approach to marketing. The RDA was funded by the chambers of commerce in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the Research Triangle Foundation.

The Research Triangle provides many services to help companies grow and expand in the region. A few examples are Leading Regional Strategy. This allows coordinating economic development planning for the 13-county Research Triangle Region, promoting regional collaboration, supporting regional improvement and supporting local economic development agencies.

Click here to discuss the Research Triangle.

Friday, December 05, 2008

What is a Perfect Bullet Camera

Perfect Bullet CameraWhen thinking of a security camera, there are a few core essential traits that immediately come to mind when we picture a "perfect" security camera. The perfect camera must be durable, discrete, affordable, and of course, functioning as a surveillance unit and monitoring specific areas while recording data. In my opinion, the type of camera that meets all the needs of a perfect camera is of course the Bullet Camera. And here is why.

1. There are several models of bullet cameras that come with a high durability rating and have been designed for outdoor use. When looking for how "durable" a camera is look for their IP (Ingress Protection) rating which will tell how suitable a camera is for outdoor use. When models fail to list this detail look for the description of a camera as "Waterproof", "Weatherproof", or "Outdoor" as an indicator of how durable it truly is.

2. Bullet Cameras are by conventional standards small. While there are a few that come in large sizes a truly perfect bullet camera must not be big and lack of size is a very good thing. Small bullet cameras are hard to spot by intruders, easy to mount and install, and provide all the functions of a standard security camera.

3. When dealing with bullet cameras low light environments are ideal for their use and typically operate in a .05 Lux. Low light bullet cameras however do need some ambient light, but the positive side to this is that they do not require their own infrared illuminators which can produce an easily noticeable red glow.

4. Finally, the perfect anything for anyone involves a low cost solution. Why spend more for features you don't need when you can save money or possibly buy more cameras. This is why Bullet Cameras are perfect for any security system under a budget.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

GeoVision Software Upgrades

GeoVision Software Upgrade InstructionsOne of the many features we like about the GeoVision DVR product, and the PC based solution in general, is that the software can be upgraded. In the case of GeoVison, a company that has been a world leader in the manufacture of professional grade DVR cards for decades, the software upgrades are 100% free.

Some of the cool new features we have seen added to the surveillance software over the years include, people counting, object tracking, missing object notification, face detection, 3G mobile phone support and on and on and on.

We think the level of dedication GeoVison puts into their software and its continued improvement is just one of many reasons to consider a quality PC based DVR. If you are already in agreement with us and own a GeoVision DVR we hope you find the above link to the upgrade process to be helpful.

If you have any question on the GeoVision software or its upgrades please give us a call today at 877-422-1907

Monday, December 01, 2008

Gas Station Security Camera Systems

In today’s times almost all gas stations have security cameras, but most of these gas stations have been using the same security camera solution for years now. Many stations still use old tape based security system and others just use a monitor with no recording device at all.

A common occurrence we see is owners do not want to spend the extra money on new equipment because they think their old equipment suits the job just fine. Well an easy cost saving solution that many people do not ever look at is that in most instances you can use your old security camera wires. Your CCTV security cameras are most likely using is a common coax cable still used today. This allows a great deal of the old infrastructure and sometimes the cameras themselves to be easily incorporated into a new PC Based DVR security system. Depending on the size of the facility you can save easily up to 30% on your total cost by using the old wires.

A new Gas Station Security Camera System can be a great way to cut down on stolen merchandise inside and outside of the store, it can also help deter and prosecute drive-offs. A great tool for store owners is the ability to remotely view your security cameras via a live feed across the internet and even playback previously recorded incidents.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wireless Cameras for Your Island

This afternoon I took a very unusual call. The request was for wireless cameras, which is nothing that uncommon, but the caller wanted to install the cameras all across a little island in the Florida Keys. Unfortunantely the caller was not with the local government but was instead calling from a Home Owners Association (HOA).

I say unfortunately because the caller had apparently been watching to much CSI and spent to much time in the U.K. Which is where he told me he kept his primary residence. To confess after a five minute update on life in the CCTV obsessed British Isle, which was proceeded by a five minute gripe about our phone system, I was ready to say "thanks for your call and have a nice day".

But somewhat like a dear in the headlights I just kept listening. With the history lesson and grandiose dreams aside the caller impressed me in so many ways as a classic uneducated consumer who wanted some one to come out and tell him how it "all works".

Not having the time to explain it "all" I just took the callers name and number and offered to get him in touch with our local affiliates.

However had I had the time I would have pointed out a few problems with a HOA installing cameras all across a six mile long island.

First lets start with the budget. Quality outdoor wireless CCTV hardware capable of spanning one to four miles has it's place. And in the right context it can be a very affordable solution. But spending tens and tens and tens of thousands of dollars to watch cars cross the bridge as they dive onto and off of your island is not something most HOA's are going to have in the budget.

Secondly a HOA with such a grad project has a problem with infrastructure. That problem is quite simply they don't own the infrastructure. They don't own the light pole with the best view of the bridge, they don't own the land that is immediately borders the road, they don't own the land over which power lines would have to be run to get to the land that somebody they know owns with the cruddy view of the bridge, etc., etc., etc.

What HOA's do however own are homes. But is there really anyone on a HOA Baord that would trust thousands of dollars worth of CCTV hardware being placed in the home of a HOA member? Or is there an HOA member that would really want to have the responsibility of that expensive hardware? Or is there a home owner who really wants who knows what number or size of antennas or wireless receiving equipment mounted to their house our installed on their property? Or for that matter does anyone who owns a well kept property in the Florida Keys want to have an industrial grade camera, and transmitter mounted to the side of their house? Is there anyone who lives in what looks like their own little paradise who want to turn that look into something more akin to a maximum security detention fatality?

This goes back to something the caller said about his time in the U.K. and how big brother was always watching. Well perhaps this was lost on the caller but in effect he and his HOA are tying to be, on their own little island at least, their own version of "big brother". And that is where in my opinion CCTV security camera systems fail.

Instead of trying to put cameras all over the island in some grand scheme that will never get funded or implemented the HOA should use it's power to recommend a standard CCTV technology that all HOA members could purchase on their own to make the right security choices for their own needs. If the individual HOA members saw fit they could share internet access to selected security cameras with other HOA members and create a web of watchful neighbors.

But to centralize such a project through an ever changing membership in an HOA would only lead to problems and ineffective use of funds.

As evidence to this the story ends with me taking the time to get the contact information for 4 local CCTV installers in the area and calling the customer back to pass on the information. My calls have gone unanswered and and my messages unreturned. That's no surprise and no problem from where I sit.

Friday, November 14, 2008

20th Century Fox uses

The Unit TV Show will apparently be using products sourced from on one of their upcoming episodes. They ordered 2 – 5” Fake Dome Cameras and needed them shipped overnight for Saturday delivery. We will keep an eye out to see which episode the show up in.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

IR135 Infrared Weatherproof Bullet Camera

The IR 135 is a top quality Infrared Camera. The first thing you might notice is that it is a full sized bullet camera with 36 LED’s on it. These “Super Powered” LED’s are capable of providing enough infrared light to see out to 110 feet. The IR135 is also completely weatherproof and boasts an IP66 rating. The IP66 rating is something you must have if you expect your camera to work outside. IP stands for Ingress Protection and it is a measure that all quality camera housings are rated. If you are looking at a camera and it does not boast an IP66 or higher then it is not a camera we would recommend for use outside.

Another Great feature of the IR135 is its varifocal lens. The varifocal lens allows you to adjust from a setting of a wide angle 3.3mm all the way up to 12mm wide angle. This is easily adjustable and allows you to easily fit any subject area inside the cameras viewing angle.

The IR 135 is one of the better IR cameras out on the market to date. Follow this link to see a live demo of the IR135 and to learn a little more about infrared cameras.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Security Cameras for Cash Registers

Security Cameras for Cash RegistersSo are you a small business owner running one or more cash registers and thinking about a Security Camera System for your store or restaurant? Have you been kicking around the advantages of security cameras and weighting them against the cost of the system?

Well before you make up your mind: Did you know that it is estimated that 20% of every dollar a US company makes is lost to employee theft? Did you know one out of three US companies that file for bankruptcy can trace their failure back to employee theft? And did you know that a GeoVisoin Security Camera system can directly integrate with your registers to make sure that you keep every penny of every sale that your employees ring up.

That’s right the GeoVisoin DVR software supports a video overlay of your register receipt so that you can see what an employee is ringing up as each transaction takes place. The software even keeps a searchable database of the transactions so that you can quickly find a video event of any given sale.

To learn more about how to protect yourself from employee theft at the register visit our Security Camera website or call us today at 877-422-1907.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Are Your Employees Stealing from the Till

Stealing from the RegisterIf you own or operate a business, its in your best interest to ensure that you are properly monitoring your businesses cash flow. Employee theft is rampant in businesses across the board from gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores and anywhere cash is handled. It is estimated that 20% of every dollar the average US company earns is lost to employee theft. With this in mind can you afford not to have adequate protection?

Efficient methods for preventing employee theft revolve around adequate security camera systems and proper placing. A traditional method for preventing theft is to have 1 camera per cash register, i.e 4 cash registers 4 cameras, as well as cameras watching the entrances and exits. This ensures that all transactions are being monitored and employees will have a hard time simply walking out of the establishment with merchandise.

Other popular methods include point of sale (POS) capturing devices, also known as "POS video overlay", and cameras which utilize zoom lenses for clearer pictures. If you are interested in other options to prevent employee theft, find out How to Protect Your Cash Register for more information.

Friday, October 24, 2008

DVR Card - Under Four Hundred Dollars

GV 650 - Four Port Card - Under $400Recently someone asked the question: “What’s a good 4 port DVR card for under $400”. That’s a good question because a quality four port DVR card at the right price can give a small business or a home user a lot of options for a security camera system.

To help our readers answer that question, so they don’t take our word, or the word of any vendor as gospel, let me explain the thinking has lead to our decision to sell the GeoVision brand of DVR cards.

1.Dependability – GoeVision DVR products are used worldwide and their years of digital surveillance system design and commitment to manufacturing excellence are reflected in their DVR cards. With hardware failure rates so low that you can rest assured you are buying a quality product.

2.Features – Offering one of the most diverse and continually updated software packages in the industry every model, from the most entry level, to the top of the line GeoVison DVR card uses the same quality software. Popular features include Hardware Image Compression, IP camera support, Point of Sale Integration, Access Control Integration, Online Monitoring, and even License Plate Recognition.

3.Ease of Use – Being a PC Based Security Camera Solution the menu driven GeoVision software is easy to upgrade, maintain, and use. Offering all the network connectivity and remote access options as any business class computer system the GeoVisoin DVR solution offers total network flexibility.

4.Value – As subjective as this is I think most will agree that a quality product, from a reliable name brand manufacture with a lengthy history in the security business, along with state of the art software designed for serious business security applications, and a reasonable price, would constitute good value.

So with that being said we at would recommend the GeoVision 650 four port DVR card as a great solution to the under $400 dollar DVR question. As mentioned above this card offers the same software as the GeoVision models selling for double its price and with the card operating at 60 Frames Per Second you are guaranteed to get at least 15 Frames Per Second Per Camera even if all four ports were recording simultaneously.

For more information on the GoeVison software visit out GeoVison Brochure page or our main website on Security Cameras.

Or contact us direct at:
Phone: 877-422-1907

Friday, October 17, 2008

How to Open Ports for a GeoVision DVR Server Firewall

When your GeoVision DVR server becomes up and running, the next step you need to do will be to connect the server to your local network in order to allow intranet or internet access. Connecting to a network will allow you utilize the remote viewing and playback feature of your CCTV DVR server through the use of any internet web browser. The problem that comes with utilizing this unique feature of remote access, however, is that you must "teach" your server how to deal with these incoming signals

It is important to remember that if you are behind any type of firewall, without the proper configuration, it will block your incoming requests for remote access. In order to solve this issue you will have to configure your router to accept incoming requests from the internet. This requires the opening of ports on your router in order match up the incoming requests of your web browser to your DVR server.

If you are interested in learning how to properly configure your router for use with a GeoVision server, see our Opening Firewall Ports on a GeoVision DVR Server page for a step by step walk through tutorial and other information.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Security Cameras In Hotels

Hotel Security CamerasA hotel has always been a hotspot for security cameras. In fact most of our business actually comes from hotels wanted to install or upgrade security cameras. The last time you stayed in a hotel you may have noticed the cameras placed hallways in the hotel and maybe some around the front door, but did you ever see the security camera monitor that is usually placed behind the front counter. They mainly place the security camera monitor behind the front counter so to make sure guests can see they are being watched in order to deter crime and also to allow the staff to watch the security cameras with ease.

If you are like me you may have noticed that many of the security camera systems you see behind that desk look very old. Many times you will see the security cameras are black and white, the monitor is in a metal case and looks similar to an old tv, and if its really old you might even see an old VHS tape recorder.

These old security camera systems are being replaced daily in hotels throughout the country. The newer modern Dell based GeoVision DVR is what many hotels are opting to upgrade from there older Recorder. A DVR can easily replace the old VHS unit. If you just replace your old recorder to a newer DVR you will notice a great improvement in video quality and functionalities. This is a nice alternative to getting better video quality without having to upgrade all of your hotel’s security cameras.

Many hotels finally end up replacing their old VHS system to take advantage of the extra ports (camera connections) that a new GoeVision DVR can bring. Available in 4, 8, or 16 ports, a GeoVision DVR is both a smart upgrade to the old technology and a great way to give you additional connectors for even more cameras. For installations above 16 cameras multiple DVR's are used and simply joined to the internet to create one virtual system.

Also a Dell based DVR has the capability to be hooked up to any high speed internet. Once connected to the internet the DVR can provide a secure remote view of the security cameras in live time. This remote live view can be made available to the property owners, management, or other authorized accounts set up in the GeoVision software. This online view can be accessed through any Internet Explorer browser with no charge to you.

If you would like to learn more about our GeoVision security camera solutions for your hotel or hospitality related property visit our CCTV Learning Center or ask a question on our discussion forum entitled Ask a CCTV expert.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chicago Homeowner Links Cameras to Police Surveillance Center

Chicago Home SecurityAfter suffering over $3,700 in damages due to vandalism from local neighborhood kids, Charles Hill has become the first private homeowner in the city to directly connect his private surveillance cameras straight to Chicago's 911 emergency center. However, Hill is not the only one who is taking advantage of Chicago's unprecedented offer to connect privately owned cameras to the 911 emergency center which was made available two months ago.

Since the announcement nearly two dozen universities, businesses, colleges, and high-rise complexes have agreed to share their video with the Chicago Security Center. Most notably, DePaul University has elected to hook up at least 15 on-campus cameras due to its campuses being in the heart of residential and commercial districts.

DePauls director of public safetey, Bob Wachowski, had this to say about the security measures DePaul has decided to implement. "If something happens on a city street where we have a camera and the city has access to it, they can tell what they're sending first-responders into. . . they can see what the person is doing and describe it to first-responders."

This new network of public-private internet connections will transmit the fully encrypted video data that will not be compromised by any outside connections, a feat made possible by software used in Operation Virtual Shield.

Due to enthusiastic response in the first two months from residents and businesses alike in Chicago, City Hall is confident that hundreds of privately owned cameras will eventually be added to the city's network. If you are a resident or business owner and are considering installing a Chicago Camera Security System, consider contacting a Tech Travel Agent. Tech Travel Agents can help guide you in the right decisions about camera security and even install and network your cctv cameras.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Australia plans on installing 5000 ANPR Cameras

ANPR CamerasIn Australia, state and federal police want to upgrade and put in ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) cameras that will be able to capture a front image of a vehicle that will be clear enough to indentify the driver and passenger so that I can be used in court as evidence. The plan calls for 5000 around the country that will be able to capture the high speed shots. The 5000 ANPR will be taking pictures of every car that drives past them and then recording the data for up to five years. Each day the 5000 ANPR cameras will be taking a combined total of 70 million pictures a day. Law enforcement agencies will also use mobile units of the ANPR cameras that will be used in criminal investigations. The plan is to mainly focus the cameras in large cities, with over 1000 being placed in both Sidney and Melbourne, and the rest around other major cities.

ANPR cameras are not a thing though for Australia, currently an estimated 300 fixed ANPR cameras and 100 mobile units are placed in Australia. Upgrading this number to 5000 is a big proposal, but the security benefits are definitely there. ANPR cameras will be able to play a key roll in helping with criminal cases in any of Australia’s major cities.

Friday, September 19, 2008

What is Wide Dynamic Range

Wide Dynamic Range CamerasWide Dynamic Range is a technology employed by cameras in order to provide a clear picture in situations where there is a large dynamic range in lighting. This typically occurs when a camera is pointed towards a large window or entrance that lets in large amounts of light. For cameras not implementing WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology the images that the camera records will be washed out and hard-to-see.

These hard to see images are produced because of the large dynamic range from the dark and bright elements of the room which the camera has trouble processing. WDR cameras implement two Charge-Coupled Devices and take two scans of the same image and process them together to provide clear images. For more information on dynamic range and how they effect security cameras, check out our Wide Dynamic Range camera page.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Security Cameras for Sports Fishing

Security Cameras for Sports FishingThe days of the big fish tales could be coming to an end. As more and more Sports Fishing Charters are taking advantage of security camera systems to document that “one that got away”.

With standard GeoVision / Dell DVR systems from going out to sea, charter sports fishing services are now offering video of their customers entire fishing experience. Hopefully including that once in a lifetime catch.

With the exception of taking care to use a CCTV camera that is rated to withstand the salt water environment the DVR systems themselves operate just as they do back on land. The charter service simply installs the cameras in any and all vantage points to watch their guests spend a leisurely day fishing. The DVR is of course always watching, always recording, and when a customer gets back to dock with a catch worth keeping the charter service offers the client a DVD of all the action.

Of course having a security camera system installed on the boat also gives the captain and crew great live time information. Even on a boat the benefits of real time and recorded video information across multiple areas cannot be overlooked.

So remember if you are prone to telling tall tales be sure to ask if your next deep sea fishing charter is equipped with a camera system. If so… just hope you really do catch that 300lb. Grouper.

For more infomration on Security Camera Systems in Sports Fishing call 877-422-1907.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

CCTV Has More Than One Meaning

Closed circuit television or CCTV is the industries standard in surveillance cameras. CCTV is often a single network of cameras, multiple networks of cameras linked together via switches or the internet, or wide area computer technology. In the instance of using CCTV online, the video is digital and therefore possible to be managed and stored automatically by computers and network storage devices. This technique is often used in areas that require constant monitoring such as banks, casinos, airports, military installations and convenience stores.

Another meaning CCTV takes on is the China Central Television. This network provides news and information to the majority of China, and is currently broadcasting the Olympics that are being held Beijing. When you Google CCTV more search results come up for the Olympics rather than closed circuit television because it is much more popular and relevant to what is going on in the community.

When the Olympics are over and much of the hype dies down, the closed circuit television (CCTV) will come back up as number one in Google searches. Google always shows the most recent and up to date news first, even if what you are looking for is a more popular search term. In this case, the Chinese Central Television holds more weight in Google due to its relevancy to the Olympics.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CCTV For Police Departments

Police Station Security CamerasLaw enforcement is beefing up its security inside its police stations lately with the addition of security cameras inside its interview rooms, holding cells, evidence rooms and hallways. A security camera has many uses inside a police station. For example having a security camera watching the evidence room is a given due to the fact that a police station can have everything from money to drugs hidden inside its evidence room and what good is your evidence if it has been stolen.

Also another favorable place is the interview room for a security camera and also audio equipment is often being used in an interview room. The reason is simple, if you get a suspect to confess to a crime you now have video and audio proof to back up his claim in court.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

High Schools Upgrading Camera Security and Access

The desire to provide a safe and secure learning environment for students has always been a top priority for parents, teachers, and staff in school districts across the nation.

Two Chicago school districts have taken this desire into consideration and have opted to upgrade their security camera system to give administrators and security personnel easy access to see whats happening at any given time during or after school hours. This new security system has been installed in Romeoville and Bolingbrook high schools in the Chicago area. Coordinator of safety and security for Valley View School District, Leroy Brown, has deemed these security measures "Necessary" for school security.

"If there was a fight at noon and we wanted to go and review the footage, we would be able to have the capacity to do that right at my desk. It's important. You need to know what's happening in the schools."

This new security system also integrates motion detection and intermittent video recording in key areas throughout the schools. If a student opened a side door of the school to leave or let somebody in, the cameras would begin to record and video would be displayed on the surveillance screens in the security office. These type of cameras and security measures are also effective in key areas of the school such as chemistry labs, athletic rooms, or any other type of area deemed important to keep an eye on. Brown has this to say about the security measures that have been put in place at these high schools.

"It is necessary. We haven't had a lot of problems like that but like anything else you want to prevent it before it happens."

Should these security measures be met with success camera security systems will also be installed at the local middle schools in the area.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Intelligent Video Surveillance from Smart DVR's

Digital Video Recorder

As technology continues to improve all around us, in nearly all aspects of life, it makes sense that Digital Video Recorders (DVR's) are also following the same trend and becoming more "intelligent". As with most products in the world, especially when dealing with technology, there are many different expectations that people hold when it comes to the intelligence of a DVR.

Some people have very basic needs when it comes to a security camera system and are impressed when a DVR can record video to a hard drive, and then be played back from the web on any computer. Others, however, become lost in the world of CSI and create unrealistic expectations of the DVR. These people come to believe that any digital image can be magnified indefinitely, without loss of quality, and that faces can instantly be matched up to a criminal database.

Realistic expectations from an intelligent DVR come standard on a GeoVision Security system. These features include: recording when detecting motion, internet connectivity which includes remote viewing and playback through a web browser, central monitoring software to allow several DVR's to be monitored locally or remotely, and face detection, detecting missing or unattended objects, and many more.

With GeoVision DVR's all systems have the same quality of software and a high level of intelligence. GeoVision models only differ in hardware configuration which can affect the frame rate of capture, number of cameras each system supports, and the size of video storage. Many users are opting to go with the GeoVision systems due to their high level of intelligence and reduced cost when compared to less intelligent name brand DVR's.

For a better understanding of how an intelligent GeoVison DVR from Camera Security Now can help on your security camera project call us today at 877-422-1907.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Parking Lot Security Camera catches car accident on video

The video shows a basic accident that you will see in a parking lot all the time. A busy parking lot can be a perilous place where accidents are waiting to happen. This makes a parking lot the perfect place to use security cameras. A security camera may not be able to top the accident, but it will be your best evidence if there is any confusion in the accident.

Click here for a security camera quote for your businesses parking lot.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet CameraA Bullet Camera is a Security Camera that is in the shape of a cylinder and they range from the size of a pop can to the size of a tube of lipstick. Bullet Cameras are very popular in today’s market due to the fact that they are very cheap and easy to install.

Why are they called Bullet Cams?
Bullet Cams are often referred to as either a helmet camera, micro video camera, lipstick camera, or bullet camera. They are most commonly referred to as a bullet camera. They received this name because they resemble a bullets shell casing.

Bullet Cameras are becoming more an more popular due to the fact that they are one of the most cost effective solutions for CCTV monitoring. They provide great quality for a low cost. Also the fact that most average in size of only 2 inches makes them a very discrete security camera. Bullet Cameras are also able to function in both indoors and outdoors and are able to function in low light and normal environments.

When buying a bullet camera another thing you might want to keep in mind is trusted manufacturers. It is just like buying the name brand computer like dell over some off brand no name computer. You just want to make sure you are getting the best quality for your money. Some trusted name brands you can count on include: Cop professional CCTV, Ever Focus and KT&C.

Another great selling point about the bullet Cameras is they are almost always ready to go right out of the box. The camera typically is already assembled with the casing, camera, lens and the IR emitters built into the camera their usually is nothing for you to worry about except where to mount the camera.

To learn more about the bullet Camera or if you would like to buy one visit our bullet camera page on CameraSecurityNow.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Surveillance at the Democratic National Convention

CCTV Security for the Democratic National ConventionWhen the Democratic National Convention comes to Denver in August, there will be new security camera systems installed to deter crime. On the 14th of July, Denver City Council approved an agreement with Avrio Group for the installation and maintaining of a security system. The agreement was worth over $940,000.

The new system will be an addition to the existing HALO (High Activity Location Observation) system that is currently in place. Some technology being considered is video feed from the cameras being fed to police cruisers. Many of Denver residents are questioning the effectiveness of having so much security, some even worry about privacy. City Officials assure them that the security will help with security and safety and that technology on the cameras keep them from looking in windows, homes, and stores. Federal funds will be used to repay the city eventually for the additions.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Get More CCTV News

CCTV NewsLike our blog then check out our websites CCTV News Section on Camera Security Now has been a Nation CCTV installer for over 20 years. On CCTV News you will find a vast amount of articles all about security Camera information and news.

Have a question see our CCTV News articles and you will be bound to find the answer to any of your security camera problems. If not you can "Ask A CCTV Expert" on the Tech-Army Forums.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cincinnati to receive security cameras

Cincinnati CCTV Security CamerasCincinnati Ohio will be installing 120 “crime cameras” soon after receiving a two million dollar federal grant.

Cincinnati City Council is hoping to see similar results as observed in Chicago where their 600 surveillance cameras have reportedly assisted in 1,400 arrests.

Cincinnati has long been plagued by an increasing crime rate since 2000 and it is hoped that the cameras will bring back a feeling of security to the citizens. “Hopefully by doing this….we really begin to make our neighborhoods safer,” said City Councilwoman Roxanne Qualls.

The cameras, in addition to being available to police patrol from laptops within the cruisers, will be viewable to 911 dispatchers after receiving a call. It is even said the cameras can even zoom in on the sound of gunfire.

The new Cincinnati Security Cameras will first see action around Glenway Avenue this October.

Monday, June 23, 2008

CCTV installers wanted

CameraSecuritynow needs CCTV installers all across the U.S. We are looking for the best of the best in CCTV installers. If you have the skills, if you have the technology then join our tech-army.

We deploy our tech army all across the nation to install security cameras for home and corporate users. When ever we need a security camera installed in your area we will contact you about the job.

Sign Up Tech-Army

Why Join? Increase your leads, take advantage of our national marketing efforts, increase your income, become a part of one of the internets largest technology marketing firm.

So why wait any longer, become a part of our tech-army.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Toldeo requires CCTV cameras in small restaurants and convenience stores

Toledo CCTV Systems

An ordinance was just passed in Toledo, Ohio that requires convenience stores and small restaurant owners to install a CCTV system in their business.

The ordinance requires all CCTV systems to meet the following criteria:
• Produce a "recognizable, color, retrievable, enlargeable, and reproducible photographic images of persons" and that they be of sufficient clarity for identification purposes; remain fixed and not pan in the designated area.
• Camera must cover the cash register or area where the money is being exchanged.
• CCTV System must be maintained to make sure it is in proper working order and have a light or other signals that shows the system has been activated.
• Business must post sign stating that the business is under video surveillance.
• Recorded tapes must be kept for 30 days and business owners are required to ensure the accuracy of the time keeping in conjunction with what has been recorded.
• The recorded images must be able to be retrieved by the police department's crime lab.

Those found in violation of the following will be subject to fines of $100 each day until the ordinances criteria is met.

The law has been recently been challenged by local business owners who are claiming the law is unconstitutional. With the law being challenged the city has delayed the enforcing of the new law until July 1. Business owners say that they are having a hard time trying to meet the criteria, due to the cost of buying and installing the CCTV systems and the cost of buying the license. Some business say that they might have to close down if the law is to be enforced.

Andy Went from CameraSecurityNow says he has seen a definite increase in calls from small business owners looking for a quote for a security camera system.

Toledo is not the only city to adopt a law designed to help prevent crime around convenience stores. Houston, Texas and Hartford, Connecticut have both adopted laws similar to Toledo’s security camera law.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The AgCam - Surveillance for farmers and ranchers

AgCam for Farming Industry Security and SurveillanceThe AgCam was designed and developed by an American farmer, for American farmers and ranchers. They bring so much to the table, especially for a farmer or rancher. But you don't have to be in the farming industry to enjoy the benefits of the AgCam.

The AgCam was engineered to work in the most harsh of environment without any loss in performance. The video will always be crisp and clean. The AgCam is fully weather and waterproof. Its encased in a solid aluminum housing that is sealed with triple o-rings. It's equipped with an exclusive auto shading lens for when pointed in direct sunlight and it has automatic infrared illuminators for in dark conditions. It's low profile makes it easy to find a suitable place for mounting. A 20lb pull magnet is used for mounting, which also allows for mobility. You can use this camera for anything from watching livestock to watching what you are towing with your truck. You can even use them for theft protection, hunting or ice fishing!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Outdoor Wireless IR IP Cameras

Wireless IP Outdoor CameraThe Outdoor Wireless Infrared IP Camera has many more capabilities and advantages over standard wired camera devices. This camera can communicate wirelessly with any standard 802.11/g wireless devices allowing tons of flexibility when installing and operating the camera. The camera also uses encryption methods and password protection to protect your wireless network from unwanted intrusions. This model was designed for outdoor use and operation and functions perfectly in extreme temperatures and is splash resistant and can hold its own in wet weather.

The camera also has the ability to enable two-way voice communications between the network camera and a PC being used to monitor the camera. Because the camera connects wirelessly accessing the cameras feed is easy and you can connect from any PC with access to the internet and can be viewed in real time. By accessing your camera wirelessly you can also change many of its settings including color and night view settings, camera name, white balance, and even pan/tilt range. Another unique feature is the camera has sensors that can be triggered by motion, sound, light, and timer. One of the most unique features of this camera is that it comes equipped with an infrared heat sensor and can be set to record automatically and even notify you by e-mail.

These features make this camera perfect for monitoring any type of important entrance, room, or even a parking lot. Due to its wireless capabilities the camera can be set up virtually anywhere allowing for convenient placement anywhere you would like. A popular use of this camera is as a home security device to monitor your front door and to see who's visited your front door in your absence. These cameras are also being employed by banks and business to watch their vaults and security safes to see who's been entering an area. Hotels have also been utilizing these types of cameras to monitor their parking lot for vandals and to get license plates of all their visitors.

If you are interested in this product call us at 877-422-1907 or see here for an Outdoor Wireless IR IP Camera Quote.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Infrared Security Camera - Advice

Infrared Security CamerasKey to a successful CCTV installation is having the right expectations. One of the most misunderstood technologies in the world of CCTV is found in the forum of the Infrared Camera.

From those who mistakenly believe that off the shelf Infrared security cameras will allow them to detect body heat, to those that think that Infrared cameras will give them perfect night vision the world is full of “CSI” induced self delusions.

Generally speaking Infrared, which literally means “below red”, can simply be thought of as type of radiation, or light, whose wavelength makes it invisible to the human eye.

For those who care to better understand Infrared CCTV technology and how it can benefit security systems in the real world follow this link to our article entitled “IR Cams – How You Can Benefit”.

Friday, May 16, 2008

IBM's New Software to Autonomously Monitor Security Cameras

Starting this summer several thousands of surveillance cameras in Chicago's Operation Virtual Shield system will begin to be watched by IBM's new monitoring software called Smart Surveillance Solution. This new software is designed to analyze video sequences in real time from security cameras and monitor events through multiple sensors such as video cameras or audio inputs. This software provides several advantages over traditional video monitoring solutions, which only record and save the data locally or need to be monitored manually by hired employees.

The Smart Surveillance Solution provides real-time alerts by identifying predetermined suspicious behaviors and can help anticipate incidents such as robberies, vandalism, and theft. This video monitoring software also incorporates license plate recognition in parking lots and face capture in lobbies to ensure everyone has been identified. Another advancement in security is that this software can index video events into categories such as people and cars, based on the actions that were previously recorded, providing easier searching and playback when the need arises.

This video monitoring technology is currently being used in the city of Chicago and is taking the first steps to provide intelligence to video monitoring security. With the ability to be re-programmed and fine tuned to address new threats, the Smart Surveillance Solution could soon become the standard for all security surveillance cameras in the United States.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

PTZ Security Camera Testimonial

Merit Lilin 22X PTZA long time customer and owner of his own CCTV Security Camera Business in San Jose placed an order a few weeks back for a PTZ camera. This particular camera was to replace an existing PTZ that was intentionally destroyed by the workers at a packaging plant. The customer left me a voice mail and I thought it was worth passing on as a PTZ Testimonial: " Hey Andy it's Rudy, I just wanted to say thanks for that great PTZ camera. I installed it last week and the picture is amazing. I know you said this was the replacement model for the PTZ cameras we sold them a few years back, I think this new one is a Merit Lilin 7600NL. I think, but anyway I wanted to say thanks for hooking me up with such a nice camera. The image is super clear. The client loved it and they are very happy. So thanks again buddy, have a good day."

So the next time you are looking for a trusted CCTV supplier, remember that good advice and good service are still the cornerstones that allow good products to make your Security Camera System a success.

Friday, April 25, 2008

CCTV Security Camera Catches Theif Red Handed

Theives caught by CCTV Security CameraA unique feature that a CCTV monitoring firm has implemented has helped in the arrest of a materials theft who was stealing from a construction site. This CCTV monitoring firm was offering a very helpful and under-utilized service that was directly responsible for the burglars arrest. They had trained operators monitoring their CCTV Security Cameras and were able to see the theft live as it happened. The company acted accordingly and was able to contact the police and within 8 minutes of the report the police were able to catch the and arrest the thief.

Here is a quick video of how a GeoVision Security Camera System that has a live monitoring service might benefit you and your company.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is CCTV better than IP even in the Silicon Valley

San Jose IP VS CCTV Security CamerasCould this be the case? Could CCTV cameras be a more cost effective solution as compared to IP cameras even in the heart of the Silicon Valley?

Even though at its core CCTV infrastructure is based on a technology that’s decades old, its closed network, low cost cameras, and guaranteed performance make a CCTV security camera solution a solid competitor of the upstart IP camera market.

So if you have ever wondered if IP security cameras are all that and a bag of chips, or if perhaps they are just another over hyped, over priced, and often under performing solution, to a problem that many people are eager to believe can be solved with a new technology, then this article subtitled "How CCTV Can Be Better Than IP Even In Silicon Valley” will be worth your time.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Construction Site Security Cameras

Construction Site Security CamerasTheft from construction sites is estimated to be a $1 billion dollar per year industry, according to the Tempe, Arizona Crime Prevention Website. Not just a local or national problem, Construction Site Security Cameras for theft prevention are a growing interest the whole world round. The culprits aren't always strangers, either -- keeping an eye on your employees is common sense no matter what business you're in. Raw building materials and company-owned equipment are both equally vulnerable to theft and damage, and the costs of material such as copper is rising every day.

Stolen construction material and equipment costs more than just the cash put out to replace them, it results in a loss of productivity due to the time it takes to replace the items. Studies show that security cameras placed in visible places deter theft by the mere sight of them. That, combined with the ability to catch and have evidence to prosecute thieves suggests that a Construction Site Surveillance System could save you a lot of time and cash.

The Construction Site Surveillance Cameras page offers more than just sales of complete CCTV Security Camera Packages, it has a list of steps to take to prevent theft: post signs to ward off thieves, keep physical access to the site limited after-hours, secure your loose equipment in a shed, and communicate with the neighbors around your site so they can help warn you if your site is being trespassed upon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

CCTV Security Cameras in Dallas, Texas

Dallas Security Cameras Dallas is the ninth largest city in the United States, and is the main economic center of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With a population of over 6 million that classifies Dallas as a Gamma World City. Texas was formed when they decided to sever ties with Mexico in order to become in independent nation. Texas was soon annexed 7 years later to become part of the United States.

Dallas is experiencing a growth in many of its economies with the Medicine aspect at the forefront. The city of Dallas already has a number of Hospitals and Medical facilities with the most prominent being the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Currently Dallas is beginning construction on a number of New Hospitals and Medical Facilities and along with that, has come an increased demand for CCTV Security Cameras in Dallas.

All of our CCTV Camera Security Systems utilize business class Dell computer systems as DVR's with GeoVision surveillance system software to provide a wide array of features and top notch flexibility in your system that simply cannot be matched by a cheaper standalone DVR systems. Call Camera Security Now today at 877-422-1907 for an instant quote from any of our On-Site Technicians in the Dallas on the any of the widest range of security camera hardware delivered and locally installed in Dallas, Texas.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Champ All-In-One DVR Media Security System

Champ All-In-One DVR Media Security SystemChamp USA has been gradually establishing itself as one of the leading companies in the auto-ID and POS industry since its founding 1990. Originally specializing in production of peripheral computer products, the company focus has shifted to the design, manufacturing and sales of barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, touch screen monitors, POS terminals and development of RFID technology. Champ's newest groundbreaking development comes in the form of the All-In-One DVR Media Security System.

Champ All-In-One DVR Media Security SystemThis system comes out of the box fully loaded and ready to go, featuring a Linux operating system with state of the art CCTV surveillance software this machine will completely change the way you think about the term "plug-and-play". It comes stock with an 8" high contract LCD display, an SD Card reader, a CF Card reader, a DVD Player, a four-channel video input with JPEG compression, four-channel alarm sensor inputs, one-channel alarm output, and records at an impressive 30 FPS (NTSC) or 100 FPS (PAL).

The most impressive things about the Champ All-In-One DVR Media Security System though are the portability and the price. This compact system measures only 7.5(W)x7.2(H)x7.8(D) inches, and only weighs about 7.5 pounds. Order one today from the e-store or call Camera Security Now to speak to someone who can answer all your questions about the Champ All-In-One DVR Media Security System.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

13127 Tech Army Troops Combat Bad Computer Service

It is widely known that incompetent and unprofessional service is rampant in the computer industry. Ask anyone who has dealt with multiple computer service companies. The Tech-Army intends to establish good service by building a technology service organization of
ranked and rated independent technicians, engineers, cable installers, av experts and computer service troops.

Currently, the Tech Army Organization has troops, representing hundreds of companies, stationed in over 1000 cities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wireless CCTV With PTZ And Audio

Camera Security Now Wireless Camera SystemsIf you have ever looked into serious industrial grade wireless security camera products you will appreciate the value that this CCTV wireless transmission system brings to the market. Both the Shepherd SH-200 and Shepherd SH-600 are truly revolutionary for their low cost wirelless CCTV price points.

Offering an all-in-one Digital 5.9Ghz Audio Video Transmission System from DERYTECH these new wireless products are combatable with any CCTV or IP camera you will find anywhere and they are capable of full pan-tilt-zoom and audio support. Using an encrypted digital MPEG4 audio/video stream at up to 54Mbps the Shepherd takes advantage of its powerful built in 14dB or 23dB antenna. The SH-200 and SH-600 can transmit video, audio and PTZ signals at distances of up to 1 or 4 miles respectively.

Although at a ground breaking low cost the Shepherd wireless transmission system is a serious commercial product designed for those situations where hard wiring is impractical but a security camera is critical. Don't hesistate to follow this link to ask how the Shepherd could work for you. But for example: The Shepherd Wireless Transmission System is a perfect fit for City Governments looking to increase security in public parks, for large factories watching remote scale stations or gates, or an extremely remote location

To read more about the Shepherd wireless products visit our Nationwide Security Camera website and their article on the Shepherd Wireless Transmission Systems.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shooting Leads To Increased St. Louis Security Camera Demand

Kirkwood, Missouri Shootings Increase Demand For CCTV SecurityA recent shooting spree in Kirkwood, Missouri, a St. Louis suburb saw the deaths of two police officers, two councilpeople, the city's public works director, and the wounding of the city's mayor and a local journalist at the hands of a gunman angry at what he felt was a violation of his first amendment rights. People in the Kirkwood expressed shock that such violence could happen in the small town.

In the week following the shootings, interest in CCTV Security Camera Systems from Camera Security Now has risen to new levels, from St. Louis citizens and others across the country.

All CCTV Security Camera Systems from Camera Security Now come with Dell DVR's (three year warranty) and GeoVision security camera software, offering high tech features not to be found on an analog video recorder. GeoVision digital video recording software has features such as automatic video backup, motion masking to refine your camera's field of vision, and support for IP cameras. Through use of an IP camera you can monitor what's happening in your home or business from anywhere with nothing but an internet connection.

Call Camera Security Now today at 877-422-1907 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable Tech Travel Agent. Your personal Tech Travel Agent can help you decide what sort of CCTV surveillance system you need for maximum safety and comfort, and give you an instant quote on how much it will cost you to order the system. Additionally, through Camera Security Now's affiliates in the, a local installer can come to your home or business anywhere in the country to consult with you and offer a pricing estimate for installation. All of Camera Security Now's local installations in St. Louis are done by David Rogers and his Eye Spy Electronics and More company.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Security Camera Info for the Non-Technical

CCTV information for non-technical peopleIf you don’t have a technical background and are looking for a quick overview of 10 things you need to know before you purchase a security camera system this page on the Camera Security Now website would be a good place to start.

Starting with the basics of getting a good face shot at your choke points the article describes in layman’s terms some of the common sense techniques and technologies used by the professionals.

The list of items discussed includes Pan Tilt Zoom technology, Varifocal Lenses, bullet cameras, how to use black and white cameras and more.

Click here to read the entire article on CCTV Security Camera Information for Non-Technical People.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

CCTV Security Camera Systems in Miami, Florida

CCTV Security Camera Systems in Miami, FloridaMiami, Florida, sometimes referred to as "The Gateway of the Americas" is the largest city in Southern Florida by poulation, the 43rd largest in the country. Miami is the first American city most Caribbean islander immigrants see, and home to one of the largest ports in the United States. With a fixed population surpassing 400,000 people, and more than 5.5 million in the Miami metropolitan area, it's not a stretch to say that Miami is an urban city. Like all urban cities, Miami, Florida is a place where surveillance and security should be taken very seriously.

Miami is also home to one of the largest ports in the United States. Port Miami, in turn, has also come to realize the need for increased security with the ever-looming threat of terrorism. Camera Security Now has been doing business in Miami, Florida for twenty years now, working with Spencer Udell and his company Stealth Security Solutions to provide local installation and setup on CCTV Surveillance Systems for private residences, small business, office buildings and campuses and the government.

All Miami CCTV Security Camera Systems from Camera Security Now utilize business class Dell computer systems as DVR's with GeoVision surveillance system software to provide a stunning array of features and flexibility in your system that simply cannot be matched by a cheaper standalone DVR or tape backup solution. Call Camera Security Now today at 877-422-1907 for an instant quote on the any of the widest range of security camera hardware delivered and locally installed in Miami, Florida.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Dummy Security Cameras

Dummy Security CameraDummy Security Cameras can be a great way to give an overwhelming impression of inescapable surveillance. When used to supplement operational security cameras, dummy security cameras can be a very cost effective deterrent.

Easy to install and available in multiple shapes and sizes dummy cameras can cost less than a large pizza. As time goes on, and budgets or security needs change, dummy cameras can be replaced with operational cameras with little to no visible change in your security presence.

Click here for more information on Dummy Security Cameras and how they can help your camera security system.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vero Beach CCTV Security Camera Systems

Vero Beach CCTV Security Camera SystemsVero Beach one of the most beautiful areas in the entire United States. Sitting in the eastern edge of the middle of Florida, and popular for a climate that sits on the line between tropical and subtropical, Vero Beach is a vacation hotspot for the wealthy American pleasure seeker. Though Vero Beach is the county seat for Indian River County, the city has a population of a mere 20,000, offering all the class and amenities of a large city without a crowded atmosphere.

Vero Beach is perhaps most well known as host to "Dodgertown", the annual spring training camp started in 1943 for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Vero Beach is also home to major personal aircraft manufacturer Piper Aircraft, "the Ford Automotive of personal aircraft companies", and the largest private employer in Indian River County.

Through partnership with local installer Spencer Udell and Stealth Security Systems, Camera Security Now can now offer a full line of CCTV and DVR Security Camera Products from the internet's most popular supplier of surveillance equipment with local installation anywhere in the Sebastian-Vero Beach Metropolitan Area. All Surveillance Camera Systems from Computer Service Now come with GeoVision DVR software, the world's largest surveillance system software manufacturer.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Surveillance Camera Systems for Correctional Institutions

Security Cameras for Correctional InstitiutionsWe spend more than 3 times as much money in the United States to house, clothe, and feed inmates than we do on law enforcement and programs for crime prevention. We have more incarcerated criminals in the U.S. than any other country in the world with the exception of China. With nearly 1 in 100 people in our country in a jail or prison, it's no wonder that the battle to finance correctional institutions gets harder and harder every year.

A Correctional Institution CCTV Surveillance Camera System has many and varied benefits to the administrators of a modern prison or jail. More places you can monitor from a central location such as jail cells, interview rooms, and main thoroughfares, means less guards you need to keep on staff. It also results in increased protection from liability, as with GeoVision Security Camera software you can configure it to automatically record and timestamp motion, among a multitude of other useful features.

See Security Cameras in Jail Cells for more information and ideas on how select locations for camera placement can increase safety and security and decrease overhead costs in your correctional institution.