Friday, October 24, 2008

DVR Card - Under Four Hundred Dollars

GV 650 - Four Port Card - Under $400Recently someone asked the question: “What’s a good 4 port DVR card for under $400”. That’s a good question because a quality four port DVR card at the right price can give a small business or a home user a lot of options for a security camera system.

To help our readers answer that question, so they don’t take our word, or the word of any vendor as gospel, let me explain the thinking has lead to our decision to sell the GeoVision brand of DVR cards.

1.Dependability – GoeVision DVR products are used worldwide and their years of digital surveillance system design and commitment to manufacturing excellence are reflected in their DVR cards. With hardware failure rates so low that you can rest assured you are buying a quality product.

2.Features – Offering one of the most diverse and continually updated software packages in the industry every model, from the most entry level, to the top of the line GeoVison DVR card uses the same quality software. Popular features include Hardware Image Compression, IP camera support, Point of Sale Integration, Access Control Integration, Online Monitoring, and even License Plate Recognition.

3.Ease of Use – Being a PC Based Security Camera Solution the menu driven GeoVision software is easy to upgrade, maintain, and use. Offering all the network connectivity and remote access options as any business class computer system the GeoVisoin DVR solution offers total network flexibility.

4.Value – As subjective as this is I think most will agree that a quality product, from a reliable name brand manufacture with a lengthy history in the security business, along with state of the art software designed for serious business security applications, and a reasonable price, would constitute good value.

So with that being said we at would recommend the GeoVision 650 four port DVR card as a great solution to the under $400 dollar DVR question. As mentioned above this card offers the same software as the GeoVision models selling for double its price and with the card operating at 60 Frames Per Second you are guaranteed to get at least 15 Frames Per Second Per Camera even if all four ports were recording simultaneously.

For more information on the GoeVison software visit out GeoVison Brochure page or our main website on Security Cameras.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

How to Open Ports for a GeoVision DVR Server Firewall

When your GeoVision DVR server becomes up and running, the next step you need to do will be to connect the server to your local network in order to allow intranet or internet access. Connecting to a network will allow you utilize the remote viewing and playback feature of your CCTV DVR server through the use of any internet web browser. The problem that comes with utilizing this unique feature of remote access, however, is that you must "teach" your server how to deal with these incoming signals

It is important to remember that if you are behind any type of firewall, without the proper configuration, it will block your incoming requests for remote access. In order to solve this issue you will have to configure your router to accept incoming requests from the internet. This requires the opening of ports on your router in order match up the incoming requests of your web browser to your DVR server.

If you are interested in learning how to properly configure your router for use with a GeoVision server, see our Opening Firewall Ports on a GeoVision DVR Server page for a step by step walk through tutorial and other information.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Security Cameras In Hotels

Hotel Security CamerasA hotel has always been a hotspot for security cameras. In fact most of our business actually comes from hotels wanted to install or upgrade security cameras. The last time you stayed in a hotel you may have noticed the cameras placed hallways in the hotel and maybe some around the front door, but did you ever see the security camera monitor that is usually placed behind the front counter. They mainly place the security camera monitor behind the front counter so to make sure guests can see they are being watched in order to deter crime and also to allow the staff to watch the security cameras with ease.

If you are like me you may have noticed that many of the security camera systems you see behind that desk look very old. Many times you will see the security cameras are black and white, the monitor is in a metal case and looks similar to an old tv, and if its really old you might even see an old VHS tape recorder.

These old security camera systems are being replaced daily in hotels throughout the country. The newer modern Dell based GeoVision DVR is what many hotels are opting to upgrade from there older Recorder. A DVR can easily replace the old VHS unit. If you just replace your old recorder to a newer DVR you will notice a great improvement in video quality and functionalities. This is a nice alternative to getting better video quality without having to upgrade all of your hotel’s security cameras.

Many hotels finally end up replacing their old VHS system to take advantage of the extra ports (camera connections) that a new GoeVision DVR can bring. Available in 4, 8, or 16 ports, a GeoVision DVR is both a smart upgrade to the old technology and a great way to give you additional connectors for even more cameras. For installations above 16 cameras multiple DVR's are used and simply joined to the internet to create one virtual system.

Also a Dell based DVR has the capability to be hooked up to any high speed internet. Once connected to the internet the DVR can provide a secure remote view of the security cameras in live time. This remote live view can be made available to the property owners, management, or other authorized accounts set up in the GeoVision software. This online view can be accessed through any Internet Explorer browser with no charge to you.

If you would like to learn more about our GeoVision security camera solutions for your hotel or hospitality related property visit our CCTV Learning Center or ask a question on our discussion forum entitled Ask a CCTV expert.