Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chicago Transit Authority Stations Get Security Cameras

Chicago Transit Authority Stations Get Security Cameras

If you take advantage of rapid transit in Chicago, come Memorial Day, you'll be on camera. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is putting cameras in all 144 of its rapid transit stations by the end of May. Chicago already has what the Chicago Sun-Times has referred to as, "nation’s most extensive and integrated camera network." By the end of the year, the city's buses and rail stations alone will have over 3,000 security cameras.

The cameras will start out being placed at station entrances and eventually, each station will have 20 cameras total. The CTA will also explore whether or not they want to add cameras to older rail cars (newer cars already come with cameras).

Said CTA President, Richard Rodriguez, to the Chicago Sun-Times, "If there’s something that needs a closer look, we’re able to zoom in and get a better view. The high-definition cameras help us get a very clear picture. As more cameras are added. You’ll be able to go through a number of different camera views from any given station …Video images provided help first-responders to assess situations and act accordingly, whether it’s a service disruption, a medical or a police emergency."

The $41.6 million camera project is being funded by Homeland Security, with the CTA investing a little less than half. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley said during a press conference that the cameras will be monitored and will be used to assist in emergencies and evacuations. He also said the cameras will be used to help monitor what's going on during the hours right after school, when the bus lines see a large group of student passengers.

But the main reason for installing the cameras is to help solve crimes after they've been committed. Said Daley, "Say someone commits a robbery, runs to the CTA trying to get on the CTA. They come through here. When they have cameras, we’ll get their pictures coming in. If it’s an armed robbery, a home invasion or a burglary — whatever it is. If they’re in a car driving down, a camera will pick them up."

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Security Cameras for Gyms & Health Clubs

Security Cameras for Gyms & Health Clubs Gyms see a lot of visitors each day. Most people are in and out and at all hours of the day. In addition, many people view gym members as wealthier than your average citizen because they can afford the gym membership, especially at gyms in nicer neighborhoods or that have a more exclusive membership. These factors alone can attract a number of unwanted types of crime at any gym, spa, or health club and one great way to prevent a criminal from wreaking havoc on your gym is to install quality security cameras. Here's a look at how security cameras can help your prevent everything from vandalism to violence at your gym.

One of the best things a camera can do for any business is prevent crime. When a would-be criminal sees they are being monitored, they are less like to commit a crime. They know that anything they do or say will be caught on camera and that footage will be turned over to police and the media, increasing their chances of getting caught. At Camera Security Now, we can help you decide where the best location for a security in your gym might be.

Security cameras in sight can also help increase your business. When new members are previewing your gym, seeing well-placed cameras may be one thing that helps them decide between your place and the place without cameras down the street. Often times, people come and leave gyms and health clubs in the early more or late night hours because there is just not enough time in the day. I know I'd feel much more comfortable walking to my car in the dark with cameras watching over me, wouldn't you?

In addition to protecting your members and deterring would-be criminals, security cameras can help you monitor and protect your staff. Want to make sure your personal trainers are actually doing their jobs? Maybe you have life guard who has been known to spend more time flirting with swimmers than watching for any dangerous situations. Security cameras allow you to keep an eye on things when you can't be right there .

So, you've decided your gym, spa, or health club needs a camera? What's next? Here are a few tips that will help make your gym the most secure option in town!

1. Avoid putting in security cameras in areas such as locker rooms in order to protect the privacy of your customers.

2. Take into consideration what damage could be done to your cameras. If you plan to place them outdoors, or in an area where they may fall prey to accidental damage (i.e. an area where items such as tennis balls are often flying around), you'll want to take extra precautions to see to it that the cameras themselves are protected.

3. Have you had security issues in the past? Maybe your parking lot has seen its share of assaults or maybe there is a corner of your lobby where thieves tend to wait around for unsuspecting victims. You'll want to make sure these are the first areas you cover.

4. Do you have buildings or rooms that are not often supervised by your staff? These are also high priority areas where you will want to place cameras.

5. Any business should have a security camera pointed at all points entrance. This way, you can get a look at anyone who passes through your doors.

6. Do you have a snack bar, vending machines, gift shop, or any other place where cash is often exchanged? Cameras in these areas will not only protect your customers, but allow you to check up on any staff member you suspect of being dishonest.

7. Finally, when you're reading to purchase your camera, you'll want to visit CameraSecurityNow.com or call 877-422-1907 for the best cameras in the business with the most competitive prices and the best customer service.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

NYPD Wants More Security Cameras After Car Bomb

NYPD Wants More Security Cameras After Car BombCities installing security cameras is always a topic up for debate. Some feel that cameras are an invasion of privacy, while many others believe cameras are just what they for protection. But anytime a city is faced with an act of terror, many more people become pro-camera than not, and that is exactly what is happening in New York City right now.

Over the weekend, a car bomb that never went off, was found in Times Square in New York City. The incident captured the nation and the media's attention for days and a suspect with terrorist ties has since been arrested and allegedly admitted to setting up the car bomb. Police were tipped off to the car bomb by a street vendor, but security cameras are helping police with their investigation and case against the suspect, and many are asking if more cameras could have played an even bigger role.

Senator Charles Schumer of New York has already requested at least $30 million in federal aid for more New York City Security Cameras. That in addition to the $20 million in federal funding the city will receive this year.

Mayor BloombergNew York Mayor Michael Bloomberg would also like to see more cameras and technology in the city. Earlier in the week he said in an interview, "You can always make things more safe. Do we think we have it right? We can always do better and we are working on that." Bloomberg also said that thermal imaging devices were used to detect the bomb and that he'd like to get cameras that are capable of reading car license plates.

Security Cameras are common in New York City and it's no surprise. The city is the largest in the United States with over 9,000,000 residents, and the metropolitan area has over 5.5 million. The city is often called "The Gateway of the Americas," due to the fact that it is basically the cultural and business center of our country. It's home to the largest ports in the United States, houses the United Nations, is a center for international commerce. With all this in mind, it's no wonder there is a bigger need for security cameras in New York.

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