Monday, December 21, 2009

GeoVision GV-NVR

GeoVision GV-NVRThe GeoVision GV-NVR, or Network Video Recorder, is a camera system that records audio and video data over TCP/IP networks. The GV-Surveillance and Video Management Platform is built upon easy-to-integrate and comprehensive supporting technologies and hardware. The GV platform provides performance-optimized video monitoring as well as advanced analytics/control features which support many enterprise's management functions.

The platform itself is scalable and extensible and can also be fully customized and integrated seamlessly with other security system applications that include POS/ATM/EAS to help with loss prevention, License Plate Recognition systems for law enforcement, entrance control and revenue collection, Central monitoring stations for high profile commercial, industrial or residential areas with high security, access control for building automation or even megapixel IP devices for monitoring critical areas and mobile objects.

The GeoVision GV-NVR allows you to house as little as 4 channels to as many as 32 channels with certain minimum requirements for each. For all channels you will need a minimum OS of either Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Vista though 64-bit versions of these operating systems are not supported. To house 4 channels you will need a minimum Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz CPU and Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz for anything more. All systems require 2x1 GB Dual Channels of RAM and ATIx700 256 MB VGA. You also need a minimum 1 HDD for 4 to 8 channels, 2 HDD for 16 channels and 3 HDD for 32 channels.

GeoVision also recommends that people running 32 channels use 4 hard drives of Seagate SV35.3 Series or other brands and to run 8 channels to a single hard drive. This is recommended due to the fact that with 32 channels of megapixel IP video sources, the size of transmitted data may be very large and reach beyond the processing speed limit of a normal hard drive.

Overall, GV-NVR is a good bet for your camera system with its easy integration to other systems and its solid supporting technologies. If you are in the market for a security camera system but aren't interested in making a permanent purchase then check out our security camera rentals page.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Security Cameras Catch Car Dealership Vandal

Security Cameras Catch Car Dealership Vandal

There are any number of reasons for Car Dealerships to have quality security camera systems in place and one of the main ones is vandalism. A few dealerships in South Burlington, Vermont recently learned the benefits of security cameras the hard way.

Throughout October and November of this year, police received complaints from five various car dealers regarding the shooting out of windows of cars in their lots. A total of 45 cars received over $21,000 worth of damage.

Finally, a security camera at Shearer Chevrolet caught some suspicious activity involving pickup trucks and employees took the investigation into their own hands.

"On one occasion the person involved in the shootings drove in in a vehicle with a company logo on the side -towing a specialized trailer behind him. We showed these particular pictures to local businessmen - people in the trade and they helped us identify the individual," Steve Dinco, a sales manager at Shearer Chevrolet told WCAX.

Police were able to track down the owner of the trucks. They arrested his 23-year-old son, Jay Stewart Jr., who in turn, confessed to the shootings. Police did not release a motive in the shootings, but Stewart will appear in court in February. Thanks to quality security cameras, the case was easily handled and wrapped up neatly by dealership employees and local police officers.

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Even Churches Need Security Cameras

Even Churches Need Security Cameras

Last month, in East Point, Georgia, the First Mallalieu United Methodist Church caught on fire. No one was hurt in the fire and the church didn't burn to the ground but it did receive some damage. According to investigators from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the East Point police and fire departments and the Georgia Fire Safety Commissioner's office, the fire was an arson, set by an unknown man.

"We found evidence of accelerant both inside and outside the church. The person broke out two window panes to the sanctuary," said John Oxendine who oversees the Georgia state fire marshal's office.

But something else led authorities to seek the man responsible: security cameras. The church's surveillance system caught video of a man dressed in glasses and a black jacket, carrying what looked to be a gas can on church grounds. Authorities have released still photos of the man to the media, in hopes that someone will identify him and an arrest can be made. The Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the man.

This just proves that security is important in all public places. While most people may not think of a church as a place that needs security cameras, any public place where large crowds gather can be a target of crime. And as with any place, there are important things to remember when you set up your church security cameras.

You'll want to map out your church and figure out where, both inside and outside your building, you'd like to monitor. Entrances and exits are important because anyone who comes along to vandalize your building or harm your members is going to have to enter and exit somewhere. Placing cameras pointed at doors so they can get a good look at the faces of each person who enters the building is a safe practice for any business.

Does your church have a daycare center or nursery that needs to be monitored at all times? Maybe you have an outdoors area such as a playground or athletic field. Keeping children safe should be a top priority. Parents trust that when they live their children with a church, they will receive only the best care.

Outdoor areas can also be big attractions for vandals. Vandalism is on the rise with many churches. Often times, it is the result of religious hostility from people who do not agree with that particular church's faith. For example, at a Christian church near Peoria Illinois (a historic building, dating back to 1845), vandals spray painted an entire wall with satanic symbols.

There are other ways to keep your church safe. Be friendly with church neighbors so that they might keep an eye out for your property when it's empty. Make sure you know local law enforcement and stay in touch with them. Also make sure law enforcement is called immediately in the case you do have a problem on your hands. And of course, make sure your surveillance cameras are properly placed, up-to-date, and working properly.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Standalone DVR Myth

The Standalone DVR MythA few days ago I took a call from a nice fellow with the Secretary of State’s office from one of my favorite, but unnamed, western states. To my surprise the caller had an amazing application for a security camera system. Each system was to be a four camera setup with a limited but critical need to save video at certain times of the year. The project called for each county in the state to have one security camera system of this type and a quote was needed immediately for a high level meeting the next day.

I explained to the caller that our primary security camera system was a PC based solution using a combination of Dell systems matched with the GeoVision DVR card and software that we preinstall. I explained the benefits of a PC based system and it appeared to be a perfect fit for the application. Making the fit even more complete was that our PC based DVR’s, being ready to go out of the box, could easily be installed by the state’s IT staff present at each county office needing the equipment. Again during the entire call, as I was explaining that a PC based solution using Windows XP Pro offered an amazing variety of remote access options for both the local offices and my caller, whose office is in the state’s capitol, everything appeared to be a perfect fit. From iPhone/Blackberry remote viewing to the fact that this system was as secure, if not more so, than any PC in use by the state now the conversation went wonderfully and ended with a request for a quote ASAP.

As luck would have it, this fine state had a little e-mail problem that day and not a single e-mail I sent with the quote went through. I tried sending the quote from my office account, my Yahoo account, my Gmail account, all to no avail. Any message I sent from any mail service with even a single PDF attachment was being blocked do to what was at the time an unknown problem with the state’s e-mail. Finally, around 7:00 PM Eastern I sent the quote as text only in an e-mail from my main office account and the caller was very grateful that at least he had the numbers for his meeting the next day.

By the next morning the problem with state’s e-mail service had been corrected and every vendor who had reported the same issue the day before was now able to sent attachments with no problems.

But to get to the “Myth” I mentioned in the title: My afternoon follow-up call the next day took an unexpected turn when the nice fellow from the Secretary of State’s office used the term “Standalone DVR”. Not being able to keep quiet I politely mentioned that that term was used to describe non PC based DVR solutions and I described them as a set top box more like the DVR unit you might have at home from Direct TV or your cable company. To my surprise I received the reply: “Yes, exactly, that’s what we want!” . I was beside myself. I instantly thought of our talks the day before, I thought of the time spent explaining the benefits of a PC based solution to which every tidbit of feedback from the caller was positive. I recalled working late from home to make sure the caller had the quote in time for his meeting.... and now I am told they want a standalone solution?

Of course, I had to ask what features of the standalone product the caller was interested in? Was it the myth of the lower price? (Which, as I explained, is only realized when looking at the absolute lowest end of the standalone product line.) Was it the myth of ease of use? (And I would agree with this if you think it’s easier to navigate a cell phone menu using only 4 directional arrow buttons than it is to use a mouse and a keyboard.) But before I could go any further the nice fellow from the Secretary of State’s office interrupted and said “No it’s just that we don’t need all those features of a PC bases DVR and we don’t want anything that can get a virus or be hacked into.” And there you have it right there at the end of that statement. The great myth that makes perfectly intelligent people drop about 100 points off their IQ in seconds.

Though, I did not get into this at the time, it’s worth mentioning the absurdity of this belief. For starters, and of course correct me if I am wrong, but I’m thinking that every critical application of any business or government agency in the last 15 years is run on a computer. The belief that computers should be avoided because they can get a virus or be hacked would not prevent the same customer from using his PC based e-mail to conduct all manner of critical and confidential business. It would not prevent the Government from keeping all manner of data stored on them, from our tax returns to the tracking of terrorists. It would not prevent those same callers from going home and doing their Christmas shopping online. But yet somehow the fear that someone could hack into your DVR system and watch video of your parking lot is enough to prevent using the most flexible and feature rich DVR solution on the market?

Keep in mind that anything can be hacked. So you are left with two choices. Put your trust in a PC based DVR solution whose core technology is a known entity to your IT staff and whose security is constantly improved by one of the world’s leading software development companies. Or put your trust in a standalone product whose security is an unknown factor that your IT staff will have virtually no knowledge of or ability to improve. To me choosing the second option is no more than putting your head in the sand and pretending that you are safe.

So, in my opinion, if you need a full featured DVR, take a deep breath, look around at the world we live in, decide if you need a serious and full featured DVR solutions, and stop obsessing over the security of a PC bases solution. That is, of course, unless you just trashed all your PC’s and bought everyone in your accounting office an abacus .

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Cameras Combat Crime in Amish Country

Located in the heart of Dutch country, Lancaster, Pennsylvania may have the image as one of the tranquil places in the country. But in reality, it's one of the most crime-laden cities in the country. In 2008, Lancaster ranked 9th among cities its size in violent crimes rates. For this reason, city officials took a step to protect their citizens by installing 160 cameras across four square miles within Lancaster. According to CBS, that's more cameras than major cities such as Boston or San Francisco.

The cameras are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by paid employees, who can zoom in and out when they see something suspicious. According to Lancaster Police Chief, Keith Sadler, the camera monitors are to call 911 when they see unusual activity and the police are immediately notified. As a matter of fact, live video feeds can be sent right to police dispatchers.

So far, the cameras have captured a number of crimes, such as DUI accidents, an illegal gun sale, and an assault on an elderly victim by a group of teenagers. The cameras also helped catch a murderer. According to the victim's mother, Freda Brown, the jury was able to watch everything that happened via camera footage of her 19 year old son's violent death.

But as with anything, the camera experiment is not without controversy. One Lancaster citizen says the camera captures him walking down his street or sitting on his front porch. His complaint is not that the cameras are in place, but who is behind the monitors watching them. While the cameras are funded partially by the city, they are also funded by private individuals, individuals who some citizens say have an agenda.

Joe Morales, the head of the security coalition that operates the cameras says he understands that the monitoring system is a touchy subject, "We understand how serious this is, the very serious nature of the work we're doing. And we know that it wouldn't take very much to damage the trust and integrity we've earned up to this point."

And the debate continues. Over the last seven years, since the cameras began being implemented, some citizens point out that the crime rate has held steady. But for Freda Brown, the cameras were an instrumental tool in bringing her son's murderer to justice.

According to CBS, at least four more cities in the United States are considering implementing the same program.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Florida Officers Caught On Security Camera Playing Wii

Wii video games are gaining popularity all over the world, they're so easy to play they're almost ideal even for non-gammers. Well that was never proven more true than during a Florida drug task force raid in September.

Polk County Sheriff's Drug Task Force raided a home near Lakeland, FL. Instead of acting like professional police officers, they were distracted by a video game, Wii Bowling, to be exact. Unfortunately for the officers, the whole day was caught on a security camera connected to the homeowners computer. (Video.)

Various members of the task force are seen on video playing a game of Wii Bowling for more than an hour. While the whole raid lasted roughly nine hours and cost the tax payers of Polk Country nearly $4,000. In all, 11 members of the team were found to be at fault in an internal investigation. They all received 2 hours of retraining and their supervising sergeants are to complete 4 hours of retraining.

"We are learning from our mistakes," said sheriff's Chief of Staff Gary Hester. "I'm absolutely convinced these folks will never do that again. I think we handled (the investigation) appropriately."

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cameras Coming to Coral Springs, FL

Cameras Coming to Coral Springs, FL
The city of Coral Springs, Florida will be installing security cameras at the intersection of University Drive and Atlantic Boulevard soon. If all goes according to planned, the cameras will help catch criminals and prevent would-be criminals from committing crimes.

"I want this at every intersection so if we're looking for somebody, we are able to follow their progress and stay on top of them. What I envision: there is a robbery, we pull up the camera in that area, you can follow [the car] in a system of cameras, and say 'he passed through this intersection and took a right.' And on DVD is that suspect at the bank driving away which is a beautiful piece of evidence to go to court with," said City Commissioner Tom Powers.

Atlantic and University was chosen because it is the city's busiest intersection. Unlike nearby Pembroke Pines, the cameras will not be used to catch traffic violators.

Forfeiture money will be used to purchase the cameras, not tax dollars. What is forfeiture money? It's money collected by cities after arrests from suspects who are later convicted and it comes mostly from drug-related crimes. Powers said of the funding, "The beauty of this is the money will come from forfeiture money, so criminals are paying for technology to catch other criminals." On average, Coral Springs gets between $250,000 and $400,000 in forfeiture funds each year.

A number of other nearby cities are also looking to prevent crimes with cameras, but with more specific goals in mine. In Lighthouse Point, Florida, poles have been installed at the town's 26 entrances and exits. Eventually, each pole will have a camera. While Coral Springs is planning to use their surveillance system to prevent crime, Lighthouse Point Police Chief Ross Licata says their cameras will be used to monitor license plates, in order to find stolen cars and wanted felons. "We're not using it to track the general public to see them coming and going, we're not using this to write tickets," he told the Sun Sentinel.

Though they may have different goals and budgets with what they plan to do with their camera systems, all of the cities do have one thing in common, the hope that the cameras will deter crime. "If there's a chance of getting caught, [criminals] will think twice about it. Rudy Giuliani put more police officers on the street, and crime went down. It doesn't mean more people got caught they were afraid of being caught," Powers said of the camera system's desired outcome.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dallas Security Cameras

Dallas Security Cameras

Located in North Texas and covering over 385 square miles, Dallas is the third largest city in the state and the eighth largest city in the United States. Its 12-county metropolitan area, known as Dallas-Ft. Worth-Arlington, is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country and the number-one fastest growing metropolitan area in the country. Not only is the area home to over six million people, but it's home to thousands of businesses including 25 Fortune 500 companies, such as AT&T, Exxon Mobile, Southwest Airlines, and Blockbuster Inc. The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is one of the largest and busiest in the world and Dallas is the third most popular business travel destination in the country!

With so many people in and of the city, it's important to take all measures of precaution when it comes to security. That's why Dallas CCTV Security Camera Systems are popular products when it comes to protecting your business. Whether your company is part of the oil, telecommunications, banking and commerce, or transportation businesses or any part of Dallas's diverse economy, we can help you find the right surveillance system that's right for your company and your budget.

CCTV systems serve so many purposes. Protect your business, monitor your employees, deter crime, or in the event your company is subject to a criminal incident, provide law enforcement agencies with footage of the suspect. To learn more about how CCTV can help you and your business, or to get a fast quote, call 877-422-190 or visit today.

Granddad Bandit Caught on Camera

Granddad Bandit Caught on Camera
The "Granddad Bandit" is wanted in seven states and now the FBI is involved. A $10,000 reward is being offered for any information that will lead to an arrest in a string of bank robberies being committed by an older man. Since April 2009, the man has hit at least nine banks in Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, and New York.

Images of the man have been captured on each bank's surveillance system, showing exactly why the FBI nicknamed him the "Granddad Bandit." He looks like any other bank customer and doesn't attempt to cover his appearance. Atlanta FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmet says that while the man is not armed, he's a "nuisance" to the banking industry and needs to be removed from the streets, "He's going into the banks and being very subdued. He wants to fly under the radar and not draw attention to himself." Images from the various bank security cameras have been used to connect the robberies to the same man and have been released all over the country, in hopes that other law enforcement agencies will recognize him, maybe even connect him to other robberies, and help get information that will lead to his arrest.

The man is calm and quiet, doesn't attract attention to himself, and generally leaves the bank without disrupting his surroundings. He does this by passing a note to the teller, demanding a certain amount of cash. He is thought to be between 50-60 years old, is between 6' and 6'4 and weighs between 220 and 250 pounds, with a stocky build. He's bald on top with short, gray hair on the sides and wears glasses. As Special Agent Emmet says, "He looks kind of like your father or your grandfather." If you have any information or recognize the man, please contact the Atlanta FBI.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

CCTV catches cross-dressing cage fighters being attacked

CCTV in the in Welsh city of Swansea caught an unusual street brawl earlier this month. Dean Gardener, 19, and Jason Fender, 22, both men were extremely drunk and had just finished a fight with other people in the street when they found what they thought to be two cross-dressing men and easy prey.

They went to attack the two men, dressed in women's clothes, and suddenly found themselves on the losing end of the fight, which lasted only a matter of a few seconds. The two men they attacked were cage fighters. After finishing the fight, the cage fighters picked up their purses and continued on their way. Leaving the would-be attackers laying on the sidewalk.

CCTV cameras follow the men as they get up and stagger down the street and seem to seek refuge in an alley way. A short time later they are seen being arrested by police officers. The police found out later that the two men were attacked by men in drag. Mark Davies, defending at Swansea Magistrates’ Court, said: “You know it cannot have been a good night when you get into a fight with two cross-dressing men."

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Security Cameras for Hospitals

Security Cameras for Hospitals
When people think of security cameras in businesses, hospitals aren't usually the first thing that comes to mind. Even so, a quality surveillance system placed in strategic spots on hospital grounds can not only serve safety and security purposes, but it can become a cost-effective way to prevent lawsuits, monitor staff and patients, and weed out dishonest medical claims.

Safety and Security - Cameras are used most often to prevent break-ins and deter crimes, which can occur anywhere, even in a hospital. With so many people coming and going, and so much commotion in emergency rooms and at hospital entrances, the wrong person could easily get inside and cause harm to hospital staff and patients. Properly placed cameras can help law enforcement officials identify these criminals in order to make an arrest. Also, when people are sick, they tend to act out of the ordinary. Sometimes patients who have waited for long periods of time or are unhappy with the care and service they are receiving have tendency to become violent. Security cameras can help staff keep an eye on busy waiting rooms and monitor patients and their families' demeanor.

Monitor Your Employees - Even in small hospitals, it's impossible for managers and supervisors to be everywhere at once. There are so many rooms and locations spread over such a large area that many employees often go unsupervised for long periods of times. Not only will security cameras help you keep a close watch on your employees when you suspect they aren't performing up to your standards, employees who suspect they are being watched will most likely work harder and make better decisions. Also, when there is a dispute between employees, a security camera could very well be the key to what actually happened.

Evidence for Preventing Claims and Lawsuits: Let's face it; not everyone is honest. Some people are just out to see who they can sue to make a buck and this sort of behavior is prevalent in the medical world. Thousands of fraudulent health insurance claims are filed each year. Hospital security cameras can be relied on in cases like this, to see how patients were acting when they weren't being watched by staff. In addition, false claims filed about on-site accidents and incidents might be handled by simply reviewing the video of the time the patient claims to have been on hospital grounds.

Real-time Monitoring: If a patient is awaiting care, becomes ill or passes out, and no one is around to see it or better yet, everyone around her is too busy to notice, her life could be at risk. Many security systems allow for real-time monitoring through personal computers. This allows front desk staff to keep an eye on their patients, even when they're busy filling out paperwork.

There are just so many reasons as to why having a proper security camera system in a hospital or health care setting is important. If you manage such a facility, you really can't afford not to have one in place.

Once you do make the decision to protect your hospital, staff and patients, it's important to make sure your cameras are properly placed. Here are a few tips about hospital camera set-up:

  • As with any business, you'll want to make sure you have cameras at all entrances to and exits from the building to make sure you see every single person who enters and leaves the building

  • Also, place camera in tight spaces that provide easy opportunities for bullies and criminals to corner and attack innocent people such as elevators, utility closets, stairwells and fire escapes.

  • Cameras placed in halls and waiting room keep a close watch on your patients and staff and allow you to monitor everything from behavior to how busy your facility is

  • You should also consider placing cameras outside your hospital or health care facility such as in parking lots, loading areas, and rest areas.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Montana Law Enforcement Praises High-Quality CCTV

Montana Law Enforcement Praise High-Quality CCTV

Butte-Silver Bow Police Captain Doug Conway says security cameras make his job a lot easier. "Video is a great source of evidence to investigators," he told the Montana Standard.

Recently, a burglar broke through a glass door and left RD's Party Shop, in Butte, Montana, with as much beer and as many cigarettes as he could fit in his hands. The man had no idea that a security camera was pointed at him. Police were able to release images of the suspect to the media and the man was quickly apprehended. That's the forth break-in the store has been subject to in four months.

But just because a store has a security camera, doesn't mean there will be an arrest. Often times, stores purchase poor, cheap equipment and then once it's installed, poor placement and bad lighting can leave law enforcement scratching their heads. "Business owners should think about spending the extra money to get a better system," Conway told the paper. High quality images can lead to better identification of facial features and other details, and often times can help identify even license plate numbers on a get-away car.

Some blame the recession for recent increases in crime; as more people lose their jobs and life savings, they're more willing to turn to theft to feed their families and their habits. As crime becomes more and more of an issue, business-owners in Montana are becoming more and more concerned about protecting their property and their employees at all costs.

But buying a quality surveillance system is just the first step. As Conway suggested, cameras need proper placement. For example, a camera placed too high will only get you pictures of the top of the thief's head. Considering most criminals wear masks and hoods, that's not going to help officials identify the person. It's also a good idea to keep your system updated and to keep up with the latest technology. Roy Morris, the owner of RD's Party Shop in Butte, said he likes to upgrade his system every three to four years.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boston's Green Line Trolleys to Get Security Cameras

Boston's Green Line Trolleys to Get Security Cameras

According to the Boston Globe, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) will be putting security cameras on the Green Line trolleys as part of a safety initiative. Funded with $500,000 from the Department of Homeland Security, a pilot program that allows the MBTA to test the cameras on the underground trolleys will begin soon. The goal is to increase security on Boston's transit system by allowing Transit Police the opportunity to monitor the system in real time.

"Our hope is that the cameras will be able to be viewed in a police cruiser, so that an officer responding to a call will have real-time viewing of what is happening on the scene," Chief Paul Macmillan said in a statement last week. Cameras are already installed on the city's more than 300 buses and subway stations and according to MBTA spokesman Joe Pestaturo, police have used video from the cameras in nearly 500 investigations.

"Since we’ve installed the closed-circuit television system, we’ve had great success using it to solve crimes and identify offenders. We think this enhances awareness on what is happening on our transit system and on the train," MacMillan told the Globe. He also stated that the ability to use the cameras to keep the public safe outweighs some groups concerns of privacy.

The installation of the cameras in the trolleys will be a two-phase operation. Phase one will begin later this year and it see that two trolleys are equipped with four cameras a piece. Phase two will do the same for three more trolleys.

Citizens told the Boston Globe they welcome the extra protection. "If people know there is a camera on the train, it will prevent them from doing something wrong," one man said.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Historic British Park Gets CCTV Security

Historic British Home Gets CCTV Security

Earlier this year, the historic Lydiard House at Great Brittain's famed Lydiard Park was subject to vandalism and other "anti-social behavior." The home, which dates back to the 18th century was the home of the aristocratic Bolingbroke family and is currently owned by the Swindon Borough Council. According to the BBC, the council has made the decision to install a total of nine surveillance cameras at the site.

This is not the first time the historic site has been subject to vandalism. Several incidents have taken place over the last few years, costing taxpayers money for repairs.

The park's manager, Stuart Webb, thinks the cameras will be an important part of preventing future incidents and keeping park visitors safe, "Like everybody else, we have problems - we had problems last year. Putting the cameras in place is part of a raft of measures to make sure people feel safe and make sure they have a fantastic time when they visit Lydiard."

CCTV security cameras are being placed in more and more parks and historical sites in the United States, as well. Government officials are hoping the presence of Security Cameras will make parks and attractions more desirable to visitors by keeping crime at bay.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Delaware Security Cameras

Delaware certainly isn't the largest state in the nation - it's the smallest only after Rhode Island - but it definitely has a large economy. It boats the ninth largest per capita income in the United states and its economy as a whole is often said to be better than that of our entire country. Unfortunately, as more and more people move from neighboring states to take advantage of its economy, more and more crime is moving into the state as well, particularly around the larger cities.

Each day, more Delaware business owners make the decision to install new or replace old or out of date security cameras and networks. A properly installed security camera system can prevent theft and vandalism; keep your establishment, employees and customers safe and secure; allow you to keep an eye on your day-to-day operations; and serve as a key aid to law enforcement in case a crime or accident does occur. At Camera Security Now, we know you are looking for top quality surveillance for your company and we want to do what we can to help fit your needs. That's why we offer competitive prices, a full range of products and excellent customer service. Once you've decided what type of security cameras you're looking for, we'll provide a local professional installer in Delaware or anywhere in the United States to make sure your system meets your satisfaction.

If you want to keep your Delaware business safe and secure with the latest security camera technology, visit our website to get a fast quote on Delaware security cameras or call 877-422-1907 today!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Security Cameras for Schools

Security Cameras for Schools
Whether you're in charge of a daycare center, an elementary school, a high school or a college, both public and private, one of your main concerns is the safety of your students and teachers. Since incidents like those at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech, concerns about safety on school campuses have grown and more precautions are being taken to step up security. One sure way of keeping your school safe is a quality surveillance system. Cameras placed around school campuses take notice of everything from unwelcome visitors to violence amongst students. As a matter of fact, many schools are currently updating old systems security camera and putting even more cameras in and around school buildings...

The Hoxie, Arkansas School District is installing 180 new security cameras this summer. The cameras will be placed in areas such as classrooms, hallways, the cafeteria and outside, around the school. The School District Superintendent says the cameras will not only keep kids safe, but should help decrease discipline problems, allowing teachers to spend more time educating students.

In Bay City, Michigan, Bay City Public Schools are installing security cameras in middle and high schools. The district received a grant from Coca-Cola to help better the schools and according to the superintendent, they have wanted to install cameras in several areas throughout the schools for a while now. Each principal at each school has designed a plan for the cameras that will help enhance school security and allow administrators to monitor what's going on within the school.

Several schools in the Alle-Kiski Valley (the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area) are installing more security cameras in their school systems, hoping to reduce crime. While local residents hope the cameras will prevent drug dealers and child molesters from entering or even moving to the area, local police say cameras have already prevented and solved many problems including vandalism and fightigh, because students know there is an extra eye on them.

Camera Security Now can help keep your students safe and help you keep watch over your school. To get a fast quote on security camera surveillance systems visit our website or call 1-877-422-1907 today.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Connecticut Security Cameras

Connecticut Security Cameras
Connecticut is the 4th most densely populated state in the nation and has one of the highest per capita incomes. Its proximity to New York City makes it an ideal spot for suburban living. Its gorgeous coast and beautiful New England scenery also make it an ideal spot for tourism. Whether you're business supports Connecticut residents or the many people who travel to the state each year, one thing is certain: a proper surveillance system can be detrimental to your company.

Whether you want to deter crime, monitor your own employees, or simply have that extra set of eyes on your business facility, a DVR or CCTV security camera system is just what you're looking for. If you are starting a new business or expanding/updating an established one, Camera Security Now is the place to turn for your security camera needs. We offer a full line of the latest products in surveillance at low, competitive prices. We also provide local, professional technicians to install your cameras and network to your satisfaction and answer your questions.

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Security Cameras for Car Dealerships

Surveillance Cameras for Car Dealerships
With incidents of theft and vandalism on the rise, no car dealership should be without a quality security camera system. A good system allows you to keep watch over your employees and customers, serves as an excellent deterrent for would-be criminals and in the event of a crime, provides information and evidence that can lead to arrests and prosecution. Dealership owners and managers can monitor the dealership in real time or play back previously recorded events.

Even if your dealership has a surveillance camera system, chances are, it's outdated and you are not using the newest technology. For example, IP cameras record video at a much higher resolution than a traditional CCTV camera. This feature can allow you to zoom in closer to see anything from a person's face to a close-up of a vehicle tag number. It is often recommended that IP cameras be used to supplement your current CCTV system for cost effectiveness and because IP cameras with their high resolution, often don't record at the same speed as the CCTV system does. However, the two combined can make for a perfect combination in car dealership surveillance, offering the ability for multiple event notifications, methods and remote monitoring, capable of being used by law enforcement at any time.

Regardless of what kind of system you implement - CCTV, IP, or a combination of the two, - security cameras are a must-have for any car dealership. For more information or to get a fast Car Dealership Security Camera Quote Request, visit our website at or call 877-422-1907 today!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

California Security Cameras

California Security Cameras

California is the most populous state in the United States and the third largest in land area. It features three of the top ten largest U.S. cities and is home to several leading international businesses. It is also our country's top agricultural state. On the other hand, California is also one of the top states for violent crimes. With so many people coming and going and so much business taking place in the state each day, it's important that business owners in the "Golden State" make safety and security a top priority. Whether you're monitoring your own employees or looking to prevent or deter theft and vandalism, a good quality surveillance camera system can be save you thousands of dollars and keep your operations running smoothly. DVR and CCTV cameras can be helpful whether you're running a hotel or a bank, a bar or a construction site.

If you're starting a new business or looking to update or replace an old or outdated camera system, Camera Security Now can help. We offer the best service, the best prices and a full line of quality products along with professional local installation. Whether you're located in the northern mountains of California, in Southern California, near the border, or anywhere in the United States, we can provide you with all of your security camera needs.

Visit our website at to get a fast quote on California security cameras or call 877-422-1907 today.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Security Cameras for Daycare Centers

Security Cameras for Daycare Centers

With the unsteady economy, more and more families are seeing both parents going to work and many daycare centers are seeing an increase in enrollment numbers. When most parents make the decision to put their child in daycare, one of their top priorities is to find a center who is dedicated to keeping their children safe and secure. One of the easiest and most important ways to show parents you are on top of that is by implementing a quality security camera system. Not only will it help attract new customers, but it can be put to use in many other ways that are beneficial to your center:

- Monitoring Your Staff: Staff turnover in daycare centers is often high and finding the best candidate for the job can be a job within itself. Even once you've chosen your new teachers and assistants, things don't always go as planned. While it's certainly important to trust your staff, keeping an eye on their day-to-day actions is a must. It's important that you are on top of what's going on in your classrooms for the safety of the children in your care and to protect the reputation of your center. At the same time, an employee of a center with a superior camera security system is more likely to be aware that they are being watched and give 110%.

- Protecting Children and Staff: Anyone who has ever worked with children knows to expect the unexpected. When you have dozens and maybe even hundreds of children in your care, you can't watch every door to your building at every moment of the day. A security camera can, though, alerting to you to potential threats and unwelcome visitors.

- Preventing Lawsuits: As much as you work to prevent it, there is always the chance that something can go wrong. Whether it's an accident, suspected child abuse or anything else that may cause a parent to seek legal action, security cameras can provide the key evidence to make your case.

These are just a few of the many ways that security cameras can help make your daycare center safe and secure. For more information or to receive a fast quote on Daycare Center Security Cameras, visit our website at or call 1-877-422-1907 today!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Alabama Security Camera System Installers

Alabama installations are done by Alabama Tech Army Member Security Camera installers like Ray Humphreys and his group at SCC and Electronics. Quote from Ray Humphreys, "

Quote From Ray Humphrey, "...we travel all over the state [Alabama] and some surrounding states. We are fully equiped to do the jobs for Camera Security Now in Alabama."

Tech Army Member-Installers work and reside in Birmingham. Montgomery, Columbiana, Hoover, Bessemer, Millbrook, Jasper, Piedmaont, Madison, Huntsville, Midland City, Loxley, Mobile, Semmes, and Theodore.

We are looking for more Tech Army Members.
More Alabama Installers Needed!

Fast Fact for Camera Security Now: The top Alabama Cities for Security Camera System installations are: Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, Huntsville, and Tuscaloosa.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Arkansas Security Cameras

Arkansas Security Cameras

When people think of Arkansas business, they generally think of agriculture and industry. While these make up a large part of Arkansas' economy, the state is also home to several businesses including some of the most known in the world: Wal-Mart, J.B. Hunt, and Tyson Foods. In recent years, several automobile manufacturers have opened factories in the state and with its natural beauty, tourism has also been a big part of the Arkansas economy. With such a wide variety of business opportunities combined with the state government's many business and commercial services design to attract entrepreneurs, it's no wonder that Arkansas is ranked in the top ten states for both business cost and growth prospects by Forbes.

Whether starting a new company or updating and growing an established one, safety and security should be high on any business owner or manager's "to do" list. At, we understand the proper security cameras or surveillance system can keep your company and employees safe and keep your operations running smoothly. This is why we offer quality service, competitive pricing and a full line of the best in CCTV/DVR and other security camera products, along with a professional technician to install your security system no matter where you're located in Arkansas.

If you are in Arkansas or anywhere in the United States, one call or click can provide you with what you need to keep your company safe. Just call 877-422-1907 or visit our website to get a fast quote on Arkansas Security Cameras.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Convenience Store Security Cameras

Convenience Store Security Cameras
It's no secret that convenience stores are often subject to robbery, shoplifting and other violent crimes. As a matter of fact, according to Crime Magazine, convenience store workers are second only to police officers in being victims of homicide and it has been one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States for many years. In some cities, such as Dallas, Texas, law enforcement agencies have been forced to create special task forces and store owners have been forced to closed their doors for this reason.

There are any number of reasons for high crimes at convenience stores including the small number of staff on duty at any given time, late-night hours when there are most likely to be less witnesses, smaller stores make for easier navigation, and the fact that most purchases are made with cash. From federal agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to private groups such as National Association of Convenience Stores, many studies have taken place on what can be done to prevent or lessen the number of crimes committed at convenience stores. One finding that each study seems to have in common is implementing better security measures including an increase and update to store Security Cameras.

If you watch your local news stations, chances are you've seen some sort of surveillance camera footage from a local convenience store or gas station. In most cases, the camera has caught the suspect on video and law enforcement is asking for the public's help in identifying the person who committed the crime. A security camera system that is able to capture quality images can lead to the capture of the most violent criminals and make other would-be criminals think twice about committing a crime at the same location. Video and images from cameras are also often used in court to prosecute those who committed the crime.

Most convenience stores are also gas stations and it's hard for a single clerk to monitor both the store and the gas pumps at all time. With the rising prices of gas in the United States, many people are turning to theft to keep their tanks full. Gas station owners all over the country will tell you they've seen an increase in the number of customers who drive off without paying for that full tank of gas and many times, unless you are lucky enough that an employee or another customer witnessed the incident, these crimes will go unpunished. A carefully placed security camera can help clerks, owners, and law enforcement officials get a description of the customer, their car, and the car's tag number, making it easier to track down the thief.

Another great reason to have security cameras installed in your store is to monitor your own employees. In smaller stores and at night, most stores are attended by one single person. Chances are, that person is trustworthy and doing the job they were hired to do but every once in a while, someone with poor judgment comes along and takes advantage of the situation. Studies show that employees who are aware they are being monitored are less likely to steal cash or items from their place of employment, particularly convenience stores.

If you are a convenience store owner, not having security cameras or having out-of-date cameras is a risk you can't afford to take. can help you choose and install the right cameras for your convenience store. For more information or to get a Convenience Store Security Quote, visit our website at or call 877-422-1907.

Monday, September 07, 2009

New York's MTA to put Security Cameras on SubwayTrain

New York's MTA to put Security Cameras on Subway

By the end of 2009, CCTV Security Cameras will be all over one New York City subway train. The surveillance cameras will be placed in every corner of each car, so that no space is left unmonitored. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has not said which train or line will have the cameras, but the agency says the experimental surveillance program will help aid emergency officials in the case of an emergency and the presence of cameras should make criminals think twice about committing a crime. In a post 9/11 world, authorities say the cameras are also an important part of the war against terror. It is thought that the installation of the cameras will also help with legal problems by helping authorities piece together a timeline and facts that lead to incidents and accidents. MTA has paid millions of dollars in damages due to lawsuits from injured passengers in the past.

Because of financial reasons and despite pleas from advocates, the cameras will not be monitored in real time but the filmed footage will be stored in a central database. About 2,500 cameras are currently installed throughout the subway system, but not on the actual trains. Many of them are passenger identification cameras which are located at turnstiles in over 100 stations.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Arizona Security Cameras

Arizona Security Cameras

Throughout the years, Arizona has become a popular spot for travel, retirement and relocation. Its dry climate, beautiful art and culture, and many tourist attractions including the Grand Canyon, are just a few of the reasons why the state boasts an economy larger than that of several European nations. Thousands of companies call Arizona's major cities such as Phoenix, Tuscon, Tempe, Flagstaff, and Glendale home, as well as the smaller cities in between.

No matter the size or location, any business owner knows that safety and security are two of the most important aspects of any business. Whether you are preventing employee theft or protecting your business from harm, the proper security camera system can be the key to smooth operations. Whether you are setting up security at a new business, or looking to update and old system at your existing business, Camera Security Now can provide you with you with what you need in Arizona and all over North America. We offer quality service, competitive pricing, and a full line of the best DVR/CCTV products in the business along with a local professional who can install your security cameras and network.

Keep your business secure and safe with the latest in security camera technology by calling 877-422-1907 or visiting our website to get an express quote on Arizona Security Cameras.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Security Cameras in Government Facilities

Government Security Cameras

In 2008, the Department of Homeland Security requested an 8% increase in their budget, most of which went to purchasing and installing Security Cameras. This government trend toward surveillance is not just happening at the federal level. City, county, and state governments are updating their old systems putting more security cameras in high-crime areas, jails, areas such as parks that are highly vandalized, public transportation, water treatment facilities, government buildings and more.

In Mission, Texas, the local police department has had surveillance systems placed in public parks and other undisclosed locations. The cameras, monitored from the police department, allow authorities to scan the park and zoom in to particular areas of concern. The Police Chief hopes the cameras will deter criminal activity and keep predators out of city parks.

Five national airports - Cincinnati International, Ronald Reagan National, Spokane International, Gerald R. Ford International, and Boise, Idaho - will receive $8 million worth of stimulus funds to add new surveillance cameras to their facilities. The Department of Homeland Security says the Closed Circuit Television Cameras will add a "critical layer of security" at the airports by helping to detect threats and aid in emergency response efforts.

The Jacksonville Transit Authority (JTA), in Jacksonville Florida, will be installing security cameras on all buses in hopes that it will prevent crime. The JTA says they want to help keep their riders and drivers safe and secure and should any incident take place, images taken from the camera will help law enforcement identify suspects, if needed.

These are just a few of the ways various government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels are using security cameras to keep their constiuients safe by preventing crime and making it easier to identify suspects. If you are looking for a quality security camera system, Camera Security Now can help. Visit our website at or call 877-422-1907 to get a fast quote on CCTV & DVR Security Cameras.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Alaska Security Cameras

Alaska Security Cameras

Every year, more and more Americans are moving to Alaska for a unique living experience. Lower costs of loving, steady employment growth, the state's location in the global market, and a sense of adventure are just a few things attracting residents from the lower 48. As the state's population grows, so does the need for new businesses and a higher demand is placed on existing companies.

An important aspect of any successful business is safety and security. From preventing employee theft to protecting your workers and products, a proper security camera system can be the key to keeping things running smoothly. Whether you run a bank or a bar; you're starting a new business or needing to replace an old, outdated system, Camera Security Now can provide you with video surveillance anywhere in Alaska and all over the United States! With quality service, competitive pricing, and a full line of the best in DVR/CCTV products, we can fill all of your camera security needs. We provide not only the equipment, but a local professional technician to install your cameras and network.

If you want to keep your business safe and secure with the latest security camera technology, visit our website to get a fast quote on Alaska security cameras or call 877-422-1907 today.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Security Cameras Protect Your Business

Security Cameras Get the Job Done
Just last week, in the Washington D.C. area, gunfire was heard in the parking lot of a strip mall, near a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant. Police arrived on the scene to find a woman with a gunshot wound to the leg; a second victim had already been taken to the hospital by a friend. Video from security cameras located around other businesses near the restaurant allowed detectives to identify the parties involved and piece together a timeline of events. The suspects have been caught and charged thanks to quality security cameras.

This weekend, in Beaverton, Oregon, a man was caught on camera, stealing a laptop from an Internet cafe. A female accomplice distracted employees, while a man cut the cords to a laptop and stuffed it in his pants. It took employees over half an hour to notice that a theft had occurred and the suspects had already left the cafe with the laptop. Fortunately, the entire incident was caught on the cafe's newly-installed security cameras and police were able to feed the footage to local media, asking for help in identifying the suspects.

In Wiscasset, Maine, a man was arrested in connection with the burglaries of six different businesses, after local police released images taken from a restaurant security camera to local media. An acquaintance of the suspect saw the footage and contacted the police, helping them identify the man. According to the police department, several others phoned in to identify the suspect after the photos were shown on local news programs.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of crimes caught on camera throughout the country, each day. Because the owners of these businesses took the time to install surveillance systems, suspects were easily identified and arrested, property was recovered, employees and customers were protected, future incidents were prevented and lives were possibly saved. At Camera Security Now, we know quality security cameras are part of the foundation of success for your business. That's why we offer a full line of products, quality service, competitive pricing, and even provide a local, professional technician to install your security system.

To get a fast quote on CCTV and DVR Security Cameras, visit our website at or call 877-422-1907 today!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

GeoVision v8.3 New Features

GeoVision v8.3The GeoVision Surveillance and Video Management Platform is the core system platform that provides video monitoring and different advanced video analytic s/control features to support many of enterprise's management functions. It is also a scalable, extensible platform that you can customize as well as integrate it with other security system applications like POS/ATM/EAS for loss prevention, access control for building automation, license plate recognition system for law enforcement, entrance control and revenue collection, megapixel IP devices for critical area and mobile object monitoring and central monitoring stations for high profile security areas in commercial, industrial and residential markets.

But the 8.3 version of GeoVision has added some key new features to its service. These new features include:

Support for 32 channels in GV-System and CMS applications

Support for two GV Video Capture Cards in GV-System

New features to Main System which include:
Digital Matrix
Lost Signal Alarm
Crowd Detection
Single Camera Tracking

New Features to ViewLog which includes:
Support for Daylight Savings Time (DST)
Playback for GPS tracks from GV-Compact DVR and GV-Video Server
Colorful mode to enhance video color for playback

New Features to WebCam
Audio Broadcast
POS/Wiegand Live View option added to Single View
New GUI for Remote Playback (RPB)
Support for BlackBerry phones

New features to SMS Server
Unlimited log retention time
Support for new alert events including crowd detection and advanced scene change detection
Support for Wavecom GPRS Modem

New Features to Center V2
Remote control of I/O devices from GV IP devices
Unlimited log retention time
Colorful mode to enhance video color
Assigned a DVR client to another Center V2

New features to VSM
Remote control of I/O devices from GV IP devices
Unlimited log retention time
Automatic insertion of ID and name to SMS messages
Support of new alert events like crowd detection and advanced scene change detection

New features to Dispatch Server
Unlimited log retention time
Colorful mode to enhance video color

New features to control center
Colorful mode to enhance video color
GV-Keyboard support in Matrix
Remote control of I/O devices from GV IP devices

New Applications
GV-GIS (Geographic Information System)
Audio Broadcast

New Devices
GV-I/O Box 4 Ports
GV-I/O Box 8 Ports
GV-I/O Box 16 Ports

GeoVision is an easy to use high quality security system. With the new features in GeoVision v8.3 you can count on having a high quality system that isn't overly complicated to use. For all the details on GeoVision v8.3 check out the link above or feel free to send in a request for more Geovision 8.3 information.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Axis Security Cameras

Axis Security Cameras have been around for over 25 years. They started out as a company of just two individuals to now being a company of more than20 sales offices and a network of 24,000 partners worldwide. Axises continued growth over the years has allowed them to become number on in the network video camera market with a market share of 33.5% according to IMS Research.

Axis has attributed its growth to the switch of companies going from analogue cameras to the better quality IP-bases digital surveillance. Axis cameras also come wiith many advanced features such as motion detection, power over ethernet, audio, video analytics, and a tampering alarm. Axis mainly focuses on three main camera types including: fixed cameras, network-dome cameras, and PTZ cameras. Axis's great experience and advanced features have allowed it to become number one in the netwrok video camera market.

Click here to request more information on axis security cameras.

Alabama Security Cameras

Security CamerasThe world of security cameras is growing at a steady rate. More and more people and businesses are incorporating the use of security cameras in their homes and businesses for various reasons. But getting a security camera network installed at your business isn't as easy as going to a store, buying some cameras and setting them up. You need professional technicians that know exactly what they are doing.

That's why Camera Security Now is dedicated to providing you with the latest in camera security systems and networking. Camera Security Now offers experienced camera security services all across the state of Alabama. With Camera Security Now you can have a full functional camera security network installed at your home or business by a local camera security technician.

Camera Security Now offers a full line of DVR/CCTV Security Camera products in Alabama. Quality Geovision DVR Security Camera Systems are now available to businesses in Alabama as well as standard body cameras, dome cameras, bullet cameras, and PTZ cameras. Camera Security Now will send out a local professional camera security technician to install your camera network and will also check to make sure everything is working to yiour satisfaction.

If you have an existing/outdated tape-based CCTV system, then Camera Security Now can upgrade you to an internet based system making the hassle of recording tapes a thing of the past. If you are thinking about a high quality security camera system for your home or business start by clicking here for a Alabama Security Camera Quote. Or call Camera Security Now at 877-422-1907 or visit

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School CCTV Catches Vandals

In Albuquerque, New Mexico four students were caught vandalizing Polk Middle School. The police were able to arrest and charge the vandals thanks to the help of a CCTV camera that was being monitored by the Public Schools security personnel.

The 4 vandals were reported climbing on top of the roof and knocking out one of the security cameras just after 7 p.m. Luckily the school had a second CCTV camera to catch the vandals who were reported to have caused $5000 worth of damage.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Should Fast Food Restaurants Have Surveillance?

SubwayIf you work at a gas station, convenience store, or fast food restaurant, then you always run the risk of one serious problem, getting robbed. All across the country, people are hitting these types of stores for some quick cash. In Albany Georgia, a Subway was held up by a gunman and the register was cleaned out Thursday morning following the robbery of a Taco Bell on the same street earlier in the week. But, luckily for the police, the subway had active security cameras.

Unlike stores that sell alcohol, fast food restaurants are not required to have working security cameras. But after recent events, people are beginning to wonder if they should be. All stores that sell alcohol have required working surveillance equipment to deter robbers away from attacking and to aid police investigations should someone attempt to do so. However, fast food restaurants have just as many people if not more traveling in and out of their stores everyday and are at the same risk as these other convenience stores or gas stations. And with the recent outbreak of robberies on them, it looks like they may need security as well.

There are mixed feelings about security cameras being installed at fast food restaurants. Police officials and people of the community think it would be a good idea. Citizens as well as employees would feel much safer in the establishment. Citizens are now starting to fear even going into some fast food places for fear of someone robbing the establishment. On the other hand, fast food restaurant owners would be required to purchase and maintain the equipment themselves, forcing them to handle all the costs. This is the biggest problem with requiring places, like Subway, to have security systems. Owners may not necessarily want to pay for all of the costs yet with the recent robberies, options for the safety of employees and customers is growing thin.

So whether or not fast food restaurants will be required to install and maintain security cameras has yet to be determined. But if robberies, like the ones in Albany, continue, owners and mangers may have no other choice.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Security Camera Viewing Now Available on iPhone

Security Camera Feeds on iPhoneIf you own a business, a nice home, a nice car, or anything like that then you know that security is a big deal. People all across the country are getting into security cameras for many different reasons but, as most people with security cameras know, you can only view whats going on with the cameras if you are looking at the monitors.

GeoVision has been working hard to make it easy for you to access your security camera feeds whenever and wherever you want. With their newest version, V8.12, GeoVision has integrated support for Windows Vista and with mobile surveillance viewing. Previously, GeoVision was incompatible with the latest Microsoft OS, Windows Vista. The demand for all things to be available on a mobile device is growing steadily and GeoVision is working hard to help make your security camera viewing easily accessible on your mobile device.

But GeoVision isn't the only company working hard to mobilize security camera viewing. The company iVision, has just created a service that will allow you to stream your security camera feed directly to your iPhone mobile device*. iVision boasts a super clear resolution and an easy to use user interface on your iPhone. iVision supports many different DVR manufaturers and directly supports commercial DVR's as well as consumer DVR's with unlimited access starting at $39.99 a month. iVision has an easy, 5 minute set up with no port forwarding giving you fast and easy access to your security camera system. iVision boasts extremely fast servers and a focus on clarity all while giving you the freedom of taking your security camera viewing with you anywhere.

With GeoVision and iVision taking security system viewing to the next level, we can guarantee that if we want something watched, we can do it whenever and wherever we want to. The world truly is going mobile. With inventions like the iPhone allowing video streaming, picture streaming, GPS, internet, music, making calls, and now even security camera feeds, we can only imagine what will come next.

Go to to read the full story on GeoVision V8.12 or to get a GeoVision quote request for quote request for our iPhone compatiable CCTV / DVR Security Camera System.

*UPDATE: iPhone remote view now provided at no charge from Geovision in every new copy of their software that ships for no additional charge with every GeoVision DVR card.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Land Of The Enslaved And Home Of The Scared

England Security cameras
If you live in England you might be being watched by a CCTV right now. Britain is officially the most watched country in the world. There are close to four million CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras, one for every 14 citizens. If you live in London, the chances are you are caught on camera about 300 times a day. England has always been ahead of the game was installed by London Transport in 1961.By the middle 90’s every major city in England had security cameras in their central areas and the government has spent 78% of its crime prevention budget on cameras. Up to £300 million pounds a year is spent on the when it comes to security cameras and surveillance.

The first such surveillance system surveillance of streets, housing estates, sports arenas, car parks and other public spaces. With numbers like this one can almost bet that someone is almost always watching you.

As sophisticated as technology has become cameras are now linked to databases set to scan and identify individual faces in crowds. For all the “eyes in the sky” crime numbers have not dropped that much. Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville said it was a “fiasco” that only 3 per cent of street robberies in London were solved using CCTV. Mr. Neville, who heads the Visual Images, Identifications and Detections Office (Viido) unit, told the Security Document World Conference that the use of CCTV images as evidence in court has been very poor.

This has not detoured England from investing in the newest and most high tech cameras.
If famed author of “1984” George Orwell, a story about the government watching everything we do, could see the world today he would see that he wasn’t far off.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Security Camera Tips for Driveway Security

Driveway Security
If you are like many homeowners, you want to ensure the well being of your house and property. Although not a new concept, many homeowners are beginning to utilize security cameras in order to help assure the safety homes, and in particular, they are using Driveway Security Cameras. With recent advances in technology and the lowered cost of cameras and hardware, this trend has risen to record levels over the last year.

For those unfamiliar with with the concept of utilizing security cameras to keep an eye on your home or your driveway, there are several things to consider before buying and installing your security system.

What is in your driveway.

Before deciding what type of security system you want to install for your home, you need to take into consideration how expensive the items in your driveway are and if they justify a professional grade security system. Do need to be able to monitor your driveway in live time while you are away? Or do you simply want to keep a video record of any events that might have taken place. Things like this will determine what kind of security system you will need to fit your specifications.

What you will need for your Driveway Security System.

The minimum driveway security system we suggest would consist of a GeoVision based PC DVR along with a single bullet camera. Although the system specs of even the most basic system can vary greatly we find that a GeoVision 650 PC with a 17" LCD and a bullet camera is more than enough for your most basic needs. For the camera itself it would be ideal to get a low light color bullet camera with a wide angle lens. It is important to note that a wide angle lens will bring some limitations to the effective viewing distance of the camera and such it is best to put the camera in close proximity to the objects you want to monitor. Another great reason to use bullet cameras for your security project is that they are usually extremely small and black in color making them extremely hard to notice. Whats also great about this type of security system is that the DVR(Digital Video Recorder) will record all the happenings for you to watch at a later date.


Getting a professional grade security system to monitor your home or driveway is an extremely worthwhile project for many homeowners. To learn more about Driveway Security Cameras see the links below or call us today at 877-422-1907 and talk to a security camera professional and get started with your security project today.

To learn more about Security Cameras visit our CCTV Learning Center or our Ask a CCTV Expert Discussion forum.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gas Station Security Camera Systems

Security Camera Tips and Benefits for Gas Stations

Gas Station Security CamerasSecurity Cameras at Gas Stations…not a new concept , yet one you should consider before oil goes back to $140 a barrel.

Most gas stations across the country have been using one form or another of security cameras for years. Many stations still have their original taped-based security system while others still use just a monitor with no recording device at all.

One important thing these holdouts from the last century might want to consider is that even without a modern DVR or a recording device the wire that the CCTV security cameras are most likely using is a common coax cable still used today. This allows a great deal of the old infrastructure and sometimes the cameras themselves to be easily incorporated into a new PC Based DVR security system.

If your Gas Station Security Camera System has been installed for so long that you have not quite caught the significance of this, let me remind you that, depending on how many cameras you have installed and how large your facility, the cost of installing the wiring for the cameras could have easily been over 30% of the total cost of your security system. Being able to use the existing wire is then a great savings for those looking to upgrade.

Full Story: Gas Station Security Cameras

Monday, March 16, 2009

ISC West Show Coming To Las Vegas

ISC West is one of the years biggest Security Convention of the year and is a must see for anyone in the Security Camera Field. With over 1000 exhibits and 24,000 professionals you can expect to be find something thats just right for you. Weather you install and sell Security Cameras or maybe you are in the market to buy a security camera or camera system ISC West is the place to be.

The ISC West show will take place on April 1st through the 3rd at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas Nevada. For more info please see our ISC West Show page.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Connecting Audio Interface Adapters to Microphones

In this video from CameraSecuritynow, Woodio explains how a microphone connects to an audio interface adapter so you can record audio along with your video.

To learn more about Audio Interface Adapters make sure to check out camerasecurity now and also check out our CCTV Learning Center.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Miami Security Cameras

Miami Florida Security Cameras
This month we are doing a special feature on security cameras in the city of Miami, Florida. CCTV Security Camera’s are a common site in Florida’s largest city Miami. With a population estimated to be over 400,000 and a surrounding metropolitan area of 5.5 million people it is easy to see why Miami is one of the nation’s fastest growing cities.

Along with the boom in the population Miami is also seeing a great increase in development and construction of sky rise building of 400 feet and higher. Miami is actually third in the US for high rise developments. The boom has also brought along with it a high demand for Security Cameras for traditional office space. Security Cameras play a vital role in keeping an office safe and secure. It is also a great utility for staff to watch over their employees.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Jewelry Store Robbery caught on CCTV

Three robbers enter the D Jewelers in Phoenix and spray him with mace. They knock out the glass window in the display case and the clerk pulls out a handgun and shoots them all one time. As of now, it is considered self defense, but the Maricopa County Attorney's Office will review the case a final time to determine if he will be charged.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Installing A Geovision PTZ Camera

In this video from CameraSecuritynow, Woodio explains how to install a Geovision PTZ Camera to your computer network card and get the PTZ camera recognized and running via the Geovision Software.

To learn more about PTZ Cameras make sure to check out camerasecurity now and also check out our CCTV Learning Center.

Security camera can see through clothes

New camera technology for airport securityBefore all you guy’s run out to buy the new Thruvision T5000 you should know it’s not that type of camera .Although it can see through clothes what it doesn’t do is give you the full anatomy picture. So woman don’t worry this security camera won’t revile the things you may be concerned about.

The T5000 can only see through clothes well enough to detect things such as explosives, liquids, weapons and narcotics. These are things we should be concerned with and a camera that can spot them is not a bad thing. Right?

The Thurvision T5000 unlike X-rays doesn’t emit radiation it can only detect it. This camera picks up Terahertz rays, or T-rays that naturally emitted by all objects and can even pass through walls or fabric.

There are some airports that have been using such technology for a while now, but the T5000 is more for open areas like border crossings. In the world we live in, technology Is taking great leaps in security and security cameras and the Thurvision is just newest example of this.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

KJB Micro Eyes DVR Ball Camera

KJB Micro EyesWow, so I know all of you out there have always had that notion to spy on someone. Your sitting somewhere and you wonder what someone says about you behind your back or what your kid really does in his room. Well now you can get those questions answered! And you can get answers with a significantly less chance of getting busted!

Check out the KJB Micro Eyes DVR Ball Camera.(isnt the kjb russian secret police?) This thing is pretty cool. Its a mini dvr camera that can fit virtully anywhere. How you ask? Well thats largely due to the fact that the KJB Micro Ball is about the size of an average ping pong ball, which is also the world's very first ball shaped mini dvr camera. Inside the compact shape is a motion activated camera and dvr that captures images at 30 FPS at 320x240 resolution. It comes with a 128mb internal memory and can support up to a 2 gig micro sd card.

Some added features include 1 t.v. output port, rechargeable Li-Polymer battery 3.7V DC 380mA, continuous 6 hour recording, USB connector/adaptor 5V DC 2A,recording on motion detection 4-24 hours, MPEG 4, camera: CMOS under 1 Lux 55 degrees and weighs 1 ounce. This camera is perfect for anything from vehicle security, sports or business security to schools homes or whatever your little heart desires.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to get email alerts from your Geovision DVR

In this video from, I explain how to setup your Geovision DVR server to send you email alerts when motion is detected on certain cameras.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Security Camera Catches Plane Landing In Huson River

As you are aware on January 15th a US Airways Jet landed in the Hudson River after both of its engines failed. All 155 passengers made it out alive. The pilot had radioed air traffic controllers saying he had experienced a bird strike and declared an emergency landing. The Video was caught at 3:31 P.M by a NY Pier Security Camera.

And this is just one example of why it's critical to make sure you buy a quality security camera system. Because you never know how important that video could be.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Are IP Bullet Cameras Right For You?

IP Bullet CamerasWhen dealing with security cameras its not always the specs that will dictate which type of camera will be best, but instead the situation in which it will be used. In order to answer the question "Will an IP Bullet Camera be right for me?" we will take a look at some of the scenarios in which an IP Bullet Camera will excel at.

1. You Only Need A Single Camera - IP Cameras are great when needed in limited numbers due to high bandwidth needs associated with with IP cameras. Too many IP cameras and they will fail to function in terms of framerate and resolution, even with a great connection.

2. You Need an Easy Way to Monitor Your Camera - IP Cameras can easily be monitored on the web and you can even put a live shot on your web page. If you are ever curios as to whats happening right now you can log in from anywhere with an internet connection and see.

3. You Need Visual Access to Remote Locations - With the ability to be viewed through the internet, you can add remote locations to your surveillance network through the use of an IP Camera.

4. You Don't Want to Record the Video - If you only need to monitor a specific area for a short amount of time during the day why waste money on DVR's and storage.

5. Its What they use on CSI - Pretty no-brainer reason here. Who doesn't want one?

If you would like to see more information on why you should get an IP Bullet camera feel free to take a look at the full article titled IP Bullet Cameras Are Right For You.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Helicopter crash kills 1, injures 5, caught by CCTV system

The other passengers were able to make it out, but 61 year old Gilbert Botelho de Almeida Ramalho was burned to death in the fire that resulted from the crash at a farm property in São Paulo Brazil. It is suspected to have been caused by a mechanical failure.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Security Cameras - For Peace Of Mind

Security Cameras of course get a lot of attention in the news when they catch scenes of horrific crime or accidents. But as important as that is we all hope, do what we can to be safe, and play the odds that those things will never happen to us. So then why do people use security cameras at their homes such as seen in this clip of a security camera watching the driveway?

Well for many of us it’s for the little things. Such as peace of mind knowing why your packages always arrived smashed. Or perhaps knowing how that tire mark ended up in your yard. Or in my case, who left that baby stroller by my front door. Beause after all it's the little things that can drive us crazy.

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