Monday, August 09, 2010

Hotel Security Cameras Are a Good Investment

Hotel Security Cameras
When you think of surveillance systems as part of a business, hotels may not be the first establishments that come to mind. Even so, anyone who has ever stayed in a hotel has more than likely seen security cameras placed in hallways, doorways, recreational areas such as gyms and swimming pools, and at the front desk. In fact, you've probably seen security camera monitors that allow guests and staff alike to see what is going on at given moment in the hotel, right there at the front desk.

When guests check into a hotel, they want to know they can trust the staff to provide them with an overnight stay that is as comfortable and secure as their own homes. The more effort you put into proving your hotel's safety to your guests, the more competitive you become and the more business you attract. Visible cameras are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to to earn trust, a positive reputation, and repeat business. Not only will a quality Security Camera System give your guests peace of mind, but they will keep them safe, as well.

Let's face it. Crimes such as vandalism, theft, and assault are on the rise in cities all throughout the United States. Not only do visible security cameras make would-be criminals think twice about committing their crimes, but in the event that a crime does occur, footage from security cameras can help law enforcement agencies identify and track down a suspect and can even be used as evidence to eventually prosecute a suspect in court. Cameras placed around entrances and exits allow hotel staff and law enforcement to get a good look at every single hotel guest and any other people who are entering the building.

Safety and security aren't the only ways surveillance systems can help keep your hotel running smoothly. Cameras placed behind the scenes, in areas such as storage rooms, supply closets, and maintenance areas, will allow you to keep an eye on your employees. Every manager would like to think they've hired the most trustworthy people to work for them, but sometimes someone is able to slide through the cracks and sometimes good people use bad judgment. In the event of an accident or any type of dispute, whether it's an employee or guest, a security camera system may help determine what exactly happened and who is to blame.

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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Security Cameras for Swimming Pools

If you own or manage a swimming pool, whether it be one in your backyard, your neighborhood, or your local city park, you probably take as many safety precautions as possible. While swimming pools can be great for family fun, working out, or having a party, they can also be very dangerous for a number of reasons. However, having security cameras at your swimming pool can make all the difference in the world. Here is a look at just how swimming pool security cameras could help you.

Supervision - You should never let younger, inexperienced children swim alone, so please don't ever let a security camera replace the watchful eye of an adult. But, as your children grow up and you do begin to trust them alone in the pool, chances are they spend a lot more time playing in the water than you do. You have other things to do, but even though they're growing up and can swim better than you can, you still want to keep an eye on them. Security cameras can help do this. If you're inside and anyone is outside at your swimming pool, you can watch a feed of what's happening via your computer or even your TV. Imagine catching up on some work from your home office and keeping an eye on your teenage daughter and her friends at the same time. This can help ease your mind and save you time.

Investigations - No swimming pool is a danger-free zone. If you watch the news, you have may have heard the story of two Boston-area toddlers who were found floating in their parents' swimming pool. The girls' mother attempted to revive them, but, unfortunately, it was too late. No one knows how the girls ended up in the swimming pool, but this pool did happen to be covered by security cameras. Police are now using that security camera footage to aid their investigation into the girls' deaths. Whenever an accident happens on your property, whether it be residential or commercial, you can be held responsible. We live in a nation of lawsuits and it seems like an accident of any kind can prompt one these days. Having security cameras at your swimming pool can show just how an accident happened in the event you do find yourself at the receiving end of a lawsuit. After all, security cameras make the best witnesses.

Prevent Crime - Last week in Bayonne, New Jersey, a teenager was arrested for trying to break into a city swimming pool. This week the city is installing four new infrared security cameras. Footage from the cameras will feed directly to the local police department. This way police will notice if anyone is trying to break into the swimming pool and possibly prevent a crime before it happens. Also, would-be criminals may think twice about committing a crime, knowing the cameras are now in place. These cameras may prevent theft, vandalism, and dozens of other potential crimes. It will also increase the safety of the other swimmers who are taking advantage of the pool during these hot summer days.

Have you already decided to install security cameras at your swimming pool? Here are a few things to consider before making the installation:

1. More than likely your cameras will be located outdoors. Make sure you choose weatherproof cameras or housing for your cameras to protect them from natural elements.

2. If your family likes to swim at night or criminals like to visit your pool at night, consider purchasing infrared or "night vision" security cameras.

3. If you have a large pool area, consider purchasing several cameras. You'll want all corners of your pool covered, including gates, fences, doors, and walls surrounding the area.

4. Don't place cameras in areas that would violate people's privacy. If you have bathrooms, showers, or changing areas at your pool, cameras should be off-limits in these locations.

5. If you need more help, consider contacting an experienced camera installer from a company such as They can help you make the right decisions about what kind of cameras to purchase, where to put them, and may even do the installation work for you.

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Tennessee Security Cameras

Tennessee Security Cameras

The state of Tennessee is home to 6,214,888 people, making it the 17th-largest state in the country. It's also home to Memphis and Nashville, two of the nation's largest cities. As a matter of fact, Nashville is considered one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the United States. Over the last two decades people have flocked to Tennessee from other states due to the low cost of living and the growing health care and automobile industries located there.

Unfortunately, a rapidly growing population often means an increase in crime. In 2009 369,598 people were arrested in the Volunteer State. These arrests included almost 500 murders, over 2,000 rapes, over 97,000 cases of simple assault, nearly 64,000 burglaries, over 67,000 cases of vandalism, over 15,000 cases of motor vehicle theft, and over 1,200 incidents of arson.

Could any of these crimes have been prevented? It's possible, and one way to do that is by adding more security cameras to businesses, schools, and government buildings. Security cameras have been known to deter would-be criminals in many situations. Imagine you are about to rob a store, but you see a camera watching your every move. Wouldn't you think twice about committing the act? In the event a criminal doesn't see the camera or doesn't care, law enforcement agencies can use the security camera footage to catch and even prosecute anyone who commits a crime in your business. This prevents them from committing the same crime at other locations in your area or even returning to your location to cause more damage.

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