Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why a big e-store is not the best e-store

Why don't we have thousands of products in our Security Camera e-store when everyone else does? Answer: Because we know our products and we only sell only the good stuff.

Seems like every security camera e-store has thousands of products listed. If that's the case then which product is right for you?

Call them - Try calling a 'thousand camera product' e-store. If you get anyone on the line, which is unlikely, ask them about the product. Odds are, they don't even know what the item is.

Which product is best for your individual security camera need? A 'thousand camera product' e-store, doesn't even sell 10% of their products. Some of their merchandise is good, some is not so good. You are gambling with your security camera installation.

Now call us during regular business hours (Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm EST). We will help you with a project, even schedule security camera installers for you. Ask for Bill, Andy or John on our toll free number 877-422-1907.

We sell and are familiar with 100% of the products in our e-store.
Do you have all the right pieces and parts like connectors? Buy a complete security camera package from us and you will get all high quality products and every plug and do-dad you need for your security camera project.

Don't gamble with those other sites, trust us to sell you exactly what you need .

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Myrtle Beach - CCTV Installer Recognized

The Tech-Army.org is proud to recognize Bob Selph owner of BGS Services from Myrtle Beach South Carolina as our Outstanding Service Provider for the month of April.

Bob's work while partnering with CameraSecurityNow.com on installations of Geovision DVR's (CCTV Camera Security Systems) in the Myrtle Beach area has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has resulted in the highest level of service and satisfaction for our mutual customers.

We wish Bob and his company continued success and with our strongest recommendation we urge our callers and web visitors in the Myrtle Beach area to consider BGS Services for all your CCTV Camera Security, Point of Sale, and DVR Installation Needs!

Myrtle Beach CCTV - DVR Info Request

For more nformation contact:
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Andy Wendt is a technology writer for CSN1 Technologies.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Campus Video Surveillance In An Age Of Insanity

In the days immediately following the April 16th tragedy at Virginia Tech we at CameraSecurityNow.com received several calls from reporters and news organizations that all searched in vain for any statistics that related to campus violence and video surveillance. As of course one of the first details to emerge that day included the fact that Virginia Tech had no campus wide video surveillance system in place.

Although that fact is still some what of a shock in today’s world it was quickly pointed out by one of the campus officials that a surveillance system would have done nothing to prevent this tragedy. Unfortunately I have to say on that one point they are right.

Video Surveillance Systems can benefit a campus in a lot of ways. They can deter crime, they can help provide evidence critical to the apprehension of suspects, they can provide invaluable live data to emergency response personnel at the moment of crisis but they can not deter or prevent the insanity that happened April 16th at Virginia Tech.

Campus Video Surveillance Story Continues

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Samsung Standalone DVRs - Where They Fit

Samsung Standalone DVR units like the SHR-2042 have been in our inventory for well over a year and in that time we have learned a lot about their place in the complicated world of CCTV Camera Security.

After much discussion with customers, vendors and our Samsung Rep we now have a very good understanding of how the Samsung Standalone DVR units fit into our product mix and how they can be of benefit to our customer base.

Coming from a PC/IT background there was a time when not a one of us had given a second thought to a DVR solution that was not PC based. But perhaps the most important thing we have learned in the last year is that not everyone thinks like we do. There are plenty of very intelligent people out there that have made a success of their business with out turning into a PDA dependant techno junkie. These people however unlike us still have a need for security. Many of them simply want a dependable and basic solution.

If that describes you then a Samsung Standalone DVR is worth your consideration. Samsung DVR’s are well respected as an upper tier product and have a two year warranty from Samsung with a 120 day advance replacement plan.

In general the biggest benefit of a Samsung DVR is they are easier to operate and have fewer potential hardware and software liabilities than their PC based rivals.

Specifically the benefits of the Samsung Standalone DVR would be the elimination of the older tape based multiplexer CCTV technology. The Samsung DVR is the simplest way to save your video in a digital format and bring your system up to date with full internet access.

With a Samsung DVR installed gone is the need to change tapes, gone is the need to stop recording if you want to play back a video clip, gone is the low resolution video, and gone is the need to be onsite and in front of the unit to have full access to its features.

To be fair and balanced the PC based systems in the right hands can definitely be a strong asset and provide a very feature rich solution. But again we have learned not everyone loves the PC like we do.

We now often tell people that if they are a PC hobbyist, have in IT staff that requested a PC based DVR, or have a very complex security need, then a PC based DVR system is most likely a good choice. If not then consider the Samssung DVR,

So no matter how big or small your security need rest assured we understand the place for both the Standalone DVR and its PC based competitor and we are here to help you come to the right DVR decision for your project.

Request more information on a Samsung Standalone DVR

Andy Wendt
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Monday, April 09, 2007

Caribbean DVR Systems Now Available

CameraSecurityNow.com announced today that effective May 1st 2007 they will begin shipping their popular Geovision DVR Camera Systems to Jamaica, The Bahamas, The US Virgin Islands and other Caribbean destinations.

To inquire if delivery is available in your area or to receive a custom quote for your CCTV Security Project click on the link below or visit their website at CameraSecurityNow.com.

Request a CCTV Quote for Jamaica, The Bahamas or The US Virgin Islands

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Shouting CCTV camera scheme extended

The British Government recently approved expenditure of £500000 to install cameras with loudspeakers which let security staff berate people in public for littering and fighting.

The Geovision Camera Security System features 2 way audio!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Replacing Pelco Equipment with Geovision DVR Servers

The Pelco CM6700 Matrix Switcher with a Pelco TLR 3096 Time-Lapse Video Recorder are one of the main VHS based systems still in use today. The Geovision DVR Server is basically a drop in replacement for this legacy equipment. Most switch-overs take less than 2 hours. That’s 2 hours to change your complete security system from an older technology to state of the art CCTV DVR Camera Security System.

Gone are the days of switching VHS tapes daily, the days of viewing your business remotely from the comfort of your own home are here.

The staff and Camera Security Now are specialists in replacing VHS based systems with new technology. They are a partner with the Tech-Army.org, who specializes in local installation CCTV DVR Security equipment nationwide

CCTV Camera Systems Improve Car Sales

Having talked to 100’s of customer and having thought I heard it all I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to learn yet another common sense use for our Geovision Camera Security Systems.

The caller was from an Auto Dealership in Denver and like most he told me they wanted cameras to watch the lot for potential trouble at night.

However this individual had already thought this through and realized that if the lot was covered with cameras then during the workday the salesman could log on to the system from their desks and watch the lot in live time. This of course would ensure that each visitor was greeted by a salesman and ultimately increase the revenue for all involved.

Apparently the current scheme boiled down to the salesmen having to hang out as long as they could by the main floor window and simply try to watch the lot for potential customers. I have to agree that being able to watch the lot in all directions from their desk should make for a lot more effective sales force.

For more information on how a Geovision Camera Security System could help you click here or contact:

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