Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Montana Law Enforcement Praises High-Quality CCTV

Montana Law Enforcement Praise High-Quality CCTV

Butte-Silver Bow Police Captain Doug Conway says security cameras make his job a lot easier. "Video is a great source of evidence to investigators," he told the Montana Standard.

Recently, a burglar broke through a glass door and left RD's Party Shop, in Butte, Montana, with as much beer and as many cigarettes as he could fit in his hands. The man had no idea that a security camera was pointed at him. Police were able to release images of the suspect to the media and the man was quickly apprehended. That's the forth break-in the store has been subject to in four months.

But just because a store has a security camera, doesn't mean there will be an arrest. Often times, stores purchase poor, cheap equipment and then once it's installed, poor placement and bad lighting can leave law enforcement scratching their heads. "Business owners should think about spending the extra money to get a better system," Conway told the paper. High quality images can lead to better identification of facial features and other details, and often times can help identify even license plate numbers on a get-away car.

Some blame the recession for recent increases in crime; as more people lose their jobs and life savings, they're more willing to turn to theft to feed their families and their habits. As crime becomes more and more of an issue, business-owners in Montana are becoming more and more concerned about protecting their property and their employees at all costs.

But buying a quality surveillance system is just the first step. As Conway suggested, cameras need proper placement. For example, a camera placed too high will only get you pictures of the top of the thief's head. Considering most criminals wear masks and hoods, that's not going to help officials identify the person. It's also a good idea to keep your system updated and to keep up with the latest technology. Roy Morris, the owner of RD's Party Shop in Butte, said he likes to upgrade his system every three to four years.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boston's Green Line Trolleys to Get Security Cameras

Boston's Green Line Trolleys to Get Security Cameras

According to the Boston Globe, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) will be putting security cameras on the Green Line trolleys as part of a safety initiative. Funded with $500,000 from the Department of Homeland Security, a pilot program that allows the MBTA to test the cameras on the underground trolleys will begin soon. The goal is to increase security on Boston's transit system by allowing Transit Police the opportunity to monitor the system in real time.

"Our hope is that the cameras will be able to be viewed in a police cruiser, so that an officer responding to a call will have real-time viewing of what is happening on the scene," Chief Paul Macmillan said in a statement last week. Cameras are already installed on the city's more than 300 buses and subway stations and according to MBTA spokesman Joe Pestaturo, police have used video from the cameras in nearly 500 investigations.

"Since we’ve installed the closed-circuit television system, we’ve had great success using it to solve crimes and identify offenders. We think this enhances awareness on what is happening on our transit system and on the train," MacMillan told the Globe. He also stated that the ability to use the cameras to keep the public safe outweighs some groups concerns of privacy.

The installation of the cameras in the trolleys will be a two-phase operation. Phase one will begin later this year and it see that two trolleys are equipped with four cameras a piece. Phase two will do the same for three more trolleys.

Citizens told the Boston Globe they welcome the extra protection. "If people know there is a camera on the train, it will prevent them from doing something wrong," one man said.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Historic British Park Gets CCTV Security

Historic British Home Gets CCTV Security

Earlier this year, the historic Lydiard House at Great Brittain's famed Lydiard Park was subject to vandalism and other "anti-social behavior." The home, which dates back to the 18th century was the home of the aristocratic Bolingbroke family and is currently owned by the Swindon Borough Council. According to the BBC, the council has made the decision to install a total of nine surveillance cameras at the site.

This is not the first time the historic site has been subject to vandalism. Several incidents have taken place over the last few years, costing taxpayers money for repairs.

The park's manager, Stuart Webb, thinks the cameras will be an important part of preventing future incidents and keeping park visitors safe, "Like everybody else, we have problems - we had problems last year. Putting the cameras in place is part of a raft of measures to make sure people feel safe and make sure they have a fantastic time when they visit Lydiard."

CCTV security cameras are being placed in more and more parks and historical sites in the United States, as well. Government officials are hoping the presence of Security Cameras will make parks and attractions more desirable to visitors by keeping crime at bay.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Delaware Security Cameras

Delaware certainly isn't the largest state in the nation - it's the smallest only after Rhode Island - but it definitely has a large economy. It boats the ninth largest per capita income in the United states and its economy as a whole is often said to be better than that of our entire country. Unfortunately, as more and more people move from neighboring states to take advantage of its economy, more and more crime is moving into the state as well, particularly around the larger cities.

Each day, more Delaware business owners make the decision to install new or replace old or out of date security cameras and networks. A properly installed security camera system can prevent theft and vandalism; keep your establishment, employees and customers safe and secure; allow you to keep an eye on your day-to-day operations; and serve as a key aid to law enforcement in case a crime or accident does occur. At Camera Security Now, we know you are looking for top quality surveillance for your company and we want to do what we can to help fit your needs. That's why we offer competitive prices, a full range of products and excellent customer service. Once you've decided what type of security cameras you're looking for, we'll provide a local professional installer in Delaware or anywhere in the United States to make sure your system meets your satisfaction.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Security Cameras for Schools

Security Cameras for Schools
Whether you're in charge of a daycare center, an elementary school, a high school or a college, both public and private, one of your main concerns is the safety of your students and teachers. Since incidents like those at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech, concerns about safety on school campuses have grown and more precautions are being taken to step up security. One sure way of keeping your school safe is a quality surveillance system. Cameras placed around school campuses take notice of everything from unwelcome visitors to violence amongst students. As a matter of fact, many schools are currently updating old systems security camera and putting even more cameras in and around school buildings...

The Hoxie, Arkansas School District is installing 180 new security cameras this summer. The cameras will be placed in areas such as classrooms, hallways, the cafeteria and outside, around the school. The School District Superintendent says the cameras will not only keep kids safe, but should help decrease discipline problems, allowing teachers to spend more time educating students.

In Bay City, Michigan, Bay City Public Schools are installing security cameras in middle and high schools. The district received a grant from Coca-Cola to help better the schools and according to the superintendent, they have wanted to install cameras in several areas throughout the schools for a while now. Each principal at each school has designed a plan for the cameras that will help enhance school security and allow administrators to monitor what's going on within the school.

Several schools in the Alle-Kiski Valley (the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area) are installing more security cameras in their school systems, hoping to reduce crime. While local residents hope the cameras will prevent drug dealers and child molesters from entering or even moving to the area, local police say cameras have already prevented and solved many problems including vandalism and fightigh, because students know there is an extra eye on them.

Camera Security Now can help keep your students safe and help you keep watch over your school. To get a fast quote on security camera surveillance systems visit our website or call 1-877-422-1907 today.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Connecticut Security Cameras

Connecticut Security Cameras
Connecticut is the 4th most densely populated state in the nation and has one of the highest per capita incomes. Its proximity to New York City makes it an ideal spot for suburban living. Its gorgeous coast and beautiful New England scenery also make it an ideal spot for tourism. Whether you're business supports Connecticut residents or the many people who travel to the state each year, one thing is certain: a proper surveillance system can be detrimental to your company.

Whether you want to deter crime, monitor your own employees, or simply have that extra set of eyes on your business facility, a DVR or CCTV security camera system is just what you're looking for. If you are starting a new business or expanding/updating an established one, Camera Security Now is the place to turn for your security camera needs. We offer a full line of the latest products in surveillance at low, competitive prices. We also provide local, professional technicians to install your cameras and network to your satisfaction and answer your questions.

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Security Cameras for Car Dealerships

Surveillance Cameras for Car Dealerships
With incidents of theft and vandalism on the rise, no car dealership should be without a quality security camera system. A good system allows you to keep watch over your employees and customers, serves as an excellent deterrent for would-be criminals and in the event of a crime, provides information and evidence that can lead to arrests and prosecution. Dealership owners and managers can monitor the dealership in real time or play back previously recorded events.

Even if your dealership has a surveillance camera system, chances are, it's outdated and you are not using the newest technology. For example, IP cameras record video at a much higher resolution than a traditional CCTV camera. This feature can allow you to zoom in closer to see anything from a person's face to a close-up of a vehicle tag number. It is often recommended that IP cameras be used to supplement your current CCTV system for cost effectiveness and because IP cameras with their high resolution, often don't record at the same speed as the CCTV system does. However, the two combined can make for a perfect combination in car dealership surveillance, offering the ability for multiple event notifications, methods and remote monitoring, capable of being used by law enforcement at any time.

Regardless of what kind of system you implement - CCTV, IP, or a combination of the two, - security cameras are a must-have for any car dealership. For more information or to get a fast Car Dealership Security Camera Quote Request, visit our website at or call 877-422-1907 today!