Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shooting Leads To Increased St. Louis Security Camera Demand

Kirkwood, Missouri Shootings Increase Demand For CCTV SecurityA recent shooting spree in Kirkwood, Missouri, a St. Louis suburb saw the deaths of two police officers, two councilpeople, the city's public works director, and the wounding of the city's mayor and a local journalist at the hands of a gunman angry at what he felt was a violation of his first amendment rights. People in the Kirkwood expressed shock that such violence could happen in the small town.

In the week following the shootings, interest in CCTV Security Camera Systems from Camera Security Now has risen to new levels, from St. Louis citizens and others across the country.

All CCTV Security Camera Systems from Camera Security Now come with Dell DVR's (three year warranty) and GeoVision security camera software, offering high tech features not to be found on an analog video recorder. GeoVision digital video recording software has features such as automatic video backup, motion masking to refine your camera's field of vision, and support for IP cameras. Through use of an IP camera you can monitor what's happening in your home or business from anywhere with nothing but an internet connection.

Call Camera Security Now today at 877-422-1907 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable Tech Travel Agent. Your personal Tech Travel Agent can help you decide what sort of CCTV surveillance system you need for maximum safety and comfort, and give you an instant quote on how much it will cost you to order the system. Additionally, through Camera Security Now's affiliates in the, a local installer can come to your home or business anywhere in the country to consult with you and offer a pricing estimate for installation. All of Camera Security Now's local installations in St. Louis are done by David Rogers and his Eye Spy Electronics and More company.

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sweetlife2005 said...

Have you ever been sitting at home and heard a truck beeping as it backed up? Those are backup alarms alerting people outside the vehicle. Similar technology has made its way into the cars we drive, and rearview cameras look to be gaining in popularity, especially as vehicles grow larger.