Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chicago Homeowner Links Cameras to Police Surveillance Center

Chicago Home SecurityAfter suffering over $3,700 in damages due to vandalism from local neighborhood kids, Charles Hill has become the first private homeowner in the city to directly connect his private surveillance cameras straight to Chicago's 911 emergency center. However, Hill is not the only one who is taking advantage of Chicago's unprecedented offer to connect privately owned cameras to the 911 emergency center which was made available two months ago.

Since the announcement nearly two dozen universities, businesses, colleges, and high-rise complexes have agreed to share their video with the Chicago Security Center. Most notably, DePaul University has elected to hook up at least 15 on-campus cameras due to its campuses being in the heart of residential and commercial districts.

DePauls director of public safetey, Bob Wachowski, had this to say about the security measures DePaul has decided to implement. "If something happens on a city street where we have a camera and the city has access to it, they can tell what they're sending first-responders into. . . they can see what the person is doing and describe it to first-responders."

This new network of public-private internet connections will transmit the fully encrypted video data that will not be compromised by any outside connections, a feat made possible by software used in Operation Virtual Shield.

Due to enthusiastic response in the first two months from residents and businesses alike in Chicago, City Hall is confident that hundreds of privately owned cameras will eventually be added to the city's network. If you are a resident or business owner and are considering installing a Chicago Camera Security System, consider contacting a Tech Travel Agent. Tech Travel Agents can help guide you in the right decisions about camera security and even install and network your cctv cameras.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Australia plans on installing 5000 ANPR Cameras

ANPR CamerasIn Australia, state and federal police want to upgrade and put in ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) cameras that will be able to capture a front image of a vehicle that will be clear enough to indentify the driver and passenger so that I can be used in court as evidence. The plan calls for 5000 around the country that will be able to capture the high speed shots. The 5000 ANPR will be taking pictures of every car that drives past them and then recording the data for up to five years. Each day the 5000 ANPR cameras will be taking a combined total of 70 million pictures a day. Law enforcement agencies will also use mobile units of the ANPR cameras that will be used in criminal investigations. The plan is to mainly focus the cameras in large cities, with over 1000 being placed in both Sidney and Melbourne, and the rest around other major cities.

ANPR cameras are not a thing though for Australia, currently an estimated 300 fixed ANPR cameras and 100 mobile units are placed in Australia. Upgrading this number to 5000 is a big proposal, but the security benefits are definitely there. ANPR cameras will be able to play a key roll in helping with criminal cases in any of Australia’s major cities.

Friday, September 19, 2008

What is Wide Dynamic Range

Wide Dynamic Range CamerasWide Dynamic Range is a technology employed by cameras in order to provide a clear picture in situations where there is a large dynamic range in lighting. This typically occurs when a camera is pointed towards a large window or entrance that lets in large amounts of light. For cameras not implementing WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology the images that the camera records will be washed out and hard-to-see.

These hard to see images are produced because of the large dynamic range from the dark and bright elements of the room which the camera has trouble processing. WDR cameras implement two Charge-Coupled Devices and take two scans of the same image and process them together to provide clear images. For more information on dynamic range and how they effect security cameras, check out our Wide Dynamic Range camera page.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Security Cameras for Sports Fishing

Security Cameras for Sports FishingThe days of the big fish tales could be coming to an end. As more and more Sports Fishing Charters are taking advantage of security camera systems to document that “one that got away”.

With standard GeoVision / Dell DVR systems from www.cameraseucitynow.com going out to sea, charter sports fishing services are now offering video of their customers entire fishing experience. Hopefully including that once in a lifetime catch.

With the exception of taking care to use a CCTV camera that is rated to withstand the salt water environment the DVR systems themselves operate just as they do back on land. The charter service simply installs the cameras in any and all vantage points to watch their guests spend a leisurely day fishing. The DVR is of course always watching, always recording, and when a customer gets back to dock with a catch worth keeping the charter service offers the client a DVD of all the action.

Of course having a security camera system installed on the boat also gives the captain and crew great live time information. Even on a boat the benefits of real time and recorded video information across multiple areas cannot be overlooked.

So remember if you are prone to telling tall tales be sure to ask if your next deep sea fishing charter is equipped with a camera system. If so… just hope you really do catch that 300lb. Grouper.

For more infomration on Security Camera Systems in Sports Fishing call 877-422-1907.