Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Judging the Worth of a Camera Security System

It has been said that everything has its price. But in the business world does this truly apply to the often intangible benefits of a Camera Security System?

To be fair and balanced we should of course remember that every corporation or government entity is ultimately run by imperfect human beings that must make decisions based on real world financial limitations.

With that in mind, below are some observations from my small town:

This morning I heard on the local news that an elderly pedestrian was hit and killed just four blocks from my home by a police car over the weekend. The police car did not have an in car camera installed. The accident happened in a city where revenue generating Red Light cameras have been installed for years. Several eye witnesses have already disputed the officer’s claim that he had his lights and siren on as he traveled at high speed down the road in response to a call from assistance from a fellow officer. Unfortunately the lack of an in car camera will undoubtedly lead to countless allegations and denials in the wake of this life shattering and life ending tragedy.

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The Worth of a Camera Security System - Story Continues.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Call Me Now!

CameraSecurityNow.com has added a “Call Me Now!” request to their website. Have you ever been on a website and cannot figure out how to talk with someone about your needs and their products? Well not at CameraSecurityNow.com, every webpage has a “Call Me Now!” link on it. You don’t have to enter your life history to make it work either, simply provide your name, phone number and what time you would like them to call. A qualified CCTV DVR Camera Security Consultant will call at the appointed time.

Camera Security Now’s knowledgeable sales staff and quality equipment will help you decide on the equipment you need, and their pre/post sales Customer Service will keep you coming back.

For more information on a CCTV Camera Security System contact the CCTV Surveillance Consultants at CameraSecurityNow.com. A proud member of the Tech-Army.org

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bar/ Pub Camera Security System With Pos Interface

Bar/ Pub Camera Security System With Pos Interface
If you have a bar, you might be losing money from your employees. This system includes an interface that connects to your CASH REGISTER and puts the transaction data on the screen with the video camera feed. See multiple angles, from multple cameras on one screen, from any internet connected computer. Keep an eye on your bar from home or even while on vacation!

The remote playback feature is really great to verify who worked when. If there is ever a question on the timecards, you have time stamped video documentation of each employees arrival and departure.

Photo is actual jpg from the GeoVision system. It is Froggy Blues in Monroe, Ohio.

Awsome, but watch out, someones bound to get fired.

"It happens every time we install one of these Bar Security Systems. Its a security complete package and its easy for the bar owner to use. And often times he finds employee behavior that needs to be corrected, and at least one employee ends up quitting or getting fired." Andy Wendt, Camera Security Now Technology Consultant.

For a limited time, this price includes SHIPPING UPS Ground!

We need 10 days lead time for free shipping.
Only the highest quality tested equipment leaves our facility. Takes about 10 days for Camera Security Now to build and test this system. Once we get it on the bench, we have an extra service where we allow you to connect to the system from your internet connection and see some of the cameras you are buying.

If you're not ready to buy yet but want to see a live demo with cameras from our facility, email us and we will set up a time for a live demo. Here's our email address: sales@csn1.com. Bill, Andy, Jessica, Adam, Josh, Scott or I will do a live demo with you. Yes, those are our real names, and yes, one of us will be handling your live demo.

This system is going to save you over $20k! If you need to you can lease this for 3 to 5 years. We can hook you up!

If you need this installed, we can send a member of our Tech Army Organization over to give you an estimate. We can make that happen too. And these guys are good because only the best are allowed in the Tech Army! (www.Tech-Army.org)

Here are the Specs for the Bar Camera Security System:
8 - Color Low light True Day/Night Cameras designed for Bar/ Restaurant environment. Includes POS interface to overlay cash register receipt on saved video. only $5936

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tech-Army.org announces the Launch of the Com Center exclusively for Members

January 11, 2007, Washington DC: Today top ranking officers of the Tech Army Organization (http://www.Tech-Army.org) announced the launch the Com Center for exclusive use of the Tech Army Organization Members.

"We are proud to launch The Tech Army Com Center, a centralized command, control, distribution communication center to and from Tech Army Organization Membership." said Tech Army Officer and Contributor, Bill Schiering.

The Com Center is also a central repository for all mission orders and leads distributed by the Tech-Army affiliates.

The Com Center is where all of the action takes place! In addition to active orders and lead information, the Com Center is a great place to discuss technical issues with the entire Tech Army Membership in the Tech Army Forum!

Lastly the Com Center is a place to buy and sell equipment to and from other Tech Army Members.

"The Tech Army Com Center is truly the first of its kind in the computer industry. The goal of the Com Center is to facilitate commerce to and among the Tech Army Membership. It is our hopes to provide a professional dialogue as well and great equipment exchange value to all members.

Here is a summary of the Com Center Major Features:

Recent Orders
This is a listing of all of the active and recent orders you have accepted from the Tech-Army.org.

Recent Leads
This lists all of the recent leads in your area that you are qualified to work. Any lead in this area is yours for the taking. As soon as you accept it and start working it, it will move to your Recent Orders Categories. You receive these leads based on your skills sets, so make sure to update your skill sets right away.

This will contain all of the news and information for the entire Tech Army.org Membership. It will be a place to showcase information on our members, our services, our industries, our future plans and new ideas/ services from our members.

The Directives is communications to individual Tech-Army Members.

Newest Forum Posts
The Tech-Army.org Forum is a location for information on our industries. It contains technical and sales based discussions on hardware, software and market trends. We encourage you to participate in discussions. The more information shared, the stronger our organization will be.

Equipment Exchange
The Equipment Exchange is the place to liquidate your best equipment to the members of the Tech-Army. If you have quality inventory you would like to sell, or if you are looking for inventory, the Equipment exchange is the place to go. Buy and sell with no fees, costs or commissions! Deal directly with the selling membership!

About: Tech-Army.org is organization of independent installers, engineers and technicians dedicated to combating bad service in the computer industry. Started in 2000, the Tech Army has grown to 10,000 worldwide members including all major US and Canadian cities and London, England. Visit www.Tech-Army.org for details.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Complete DVR Packages Designed For Verticals

This common sense approach from CameraSecurityNow.com makes it easier to configure a CCTV Camera Security system for your specific vertical by taking the most common config for any vertical and putting in a pre-packaged form such as the Pro Bar Surveillance System.

Andy Wendt
Network and Security Consultant
Helping Businesses Manage Technology
Toll Free: 877-422-1907 x226

Tech-Army.org PX offers High End CCTV DVR Surveillance System for Bars and Nightclubs

Camera Security Now along with Geovision have Partnered with the Tech-Army to offer a High End CCTV Camera Security System tailored specifically for Bars and Nightclubs.

DVR Surveillance System integrates with the POS system to overlay the cash register receipts on the recorded DVR video images. This will allow bar and nightclub owners to capture a view of their employees in the cash register with the actual receipt transaction overlaid on the recorded image.

The DVR Recorder itself is a 480 frames per second DVR system so you can view and record full motion. The cameras are a true Day/Night Camera from Samsung with a quality varifocal autoiris lens. This combination of camera and lens is designed specifically for the low light situations of bars and nightclubs.

If you are a bar or nightclub owner and you are looking for a quality Camera Security System installed and serviced locally, anywhere in the US, Tech-Army.org PX is the place to start.