Thursday, May 29, 2008

Infrared Security Camera - Advice

Infrared Security CamerasKey to a successful CCTV installation is having the right expectations. One of the most misunderstood technologies in the world of CCTV is found in the forum of the Infrared Camera.

From those who mistakenly believe that off the shelf Infrared security cameras will allow them to detect body heat, to those that think that Infrared cameras will give them perfect night vision the world is full of “CSI” induced self delusions.

Generally speaking Infrared, which literally means “below red”, can simply be thought of as type of radiation, or light, whose wavelength makes it invisible to the human eye.

For those who care to better understand Infrared CCTV technology and how it can benefit security systems in the real world follow this link to our article entitled “IR Cams – How You Can Benefit”.

Friday, May 16, 2008

IBM's New Software to Autonomously Monitor Security Cameras

Starting this summer several thousands of surveillance cameras in Chicago's Operation Virtual Shield system will begin to be watched by IBM's new monitoring software called Smart Surveillance Solution. This new software is designed to analyze video sequences in real time from security cameras and monitor events through multiple sensors such as video cameras or audio inputs. This software provides several advantages over traditional video monitoring solutions, which only record and save the data locally or need to be monitored manually by hired employees.

The Smart Surveillance Solution provides real-time alerts by identifying predetermined suspicious behaviors and can help anticipate incidents such as robberies, vandalism, and theft. This video monitoring software also incorporates license plate recognition in parking lots and face capture in lobbies to ensure everyone has been identified. Another advancement in security is that this software can index video events into categories such as people and cars, based on the actions that were previously recorded, providing easier searching and playback when the need arises.

This video monitoring technology is currently being used in the city of Chicago and is taking the first steps to provide intelligence to video monitoring security. With the ability to be re-programmed and fine tuned to address new threats, the Smart Surveillance Solution could soon become the standard for all security surveillance cameras in the United States.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

PTZ Security Camera Testimonial

Merit Lilin 22X PTZA long time customer and owner of his own CCTV Security Camera Business in San Jose placed an order a few weeks back for a PTZ camera. This particular camera was to replace an existing PTZ that was intentionally destroyed by the workers at a packaging plant. The customer left me a voice mail and I thought it was worth passing on as a PTZ Testimonial: " Hey Andy it's Rudy, I just wanted to say thanks for that great PTZ camera. I installed it last week and the picture is amazing. I know you said this was the replacement model for the PTZ cameras we sold them a few years back, I think this new one is a Merit Lilin 7600NL. I think, but anyway I wanted to say thanks for hooking me up with such a nice camera. The image is super clear. The client loved it and they are very happy. So thanks again buddy, have a good day."

So the next time you are looking for a trusted CCTV supplier, remember that good advice and good service are still the cornerstones that allow good products to make your Security Camera System a success.