Thursday, December 21, 2006

TV Output from Geovision DVR Server

Currently there are four methods available on having a TV output of your DVR monitoring.

1) If the PC DVR server is equipped with a combo card, there is a single video out (RCA) connection on the card. If your card is designed for 8 channels, all 8 channels will be displayed on the TV. If your card is designed for 16 channels, then all 16 channels will be displayed on the TV. Combo cards consist of the GV-1120, 1240 and 1480. If you wish to show only one channel or change the overall layout of the multiple cameras on display (i.e. channel 1 is large with 3-6 on the side is small) you will need to use the software called Spot Monitoring. Spot Monitoring is only available on the GV 8.01+ software, which means you need to latest GV combo card before you can use this feature.

2) If your using the GV-250, 600, 650, or 800 capture card, then you will need to buy a separate extension card in order to have the TV output feature. The card is called a GV-Loop Through card and can output four channels. Unlike the combo cards, the GV-Loop Through card will only output one channel at a via for each connection. For example, output #1 will only output camera #1, output #3 will only output camera #3. You do not have the option to use the Spot Monitoring software with this card.

3) For those that wish to have the spot monitoring feature, but only have a GV-250, 600, 650, or 800 capture card, there is a new extension card that is available. This card is call the GV-TV Out card, and will give you the display feature options just like that with the Spot Monitoring software. Since this card is fairly new, it will only work the the GV main system 8.01+ software.

4) If you wish to display one channel to multiple TVs, you will need to buy a module called DIS-104. This module will recieve one video signal and distribute it to four separate TVs.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

CCTV DVR Security Systems now available through

Not only can the install CCTV Security Systems all across the country, now they offer the latest DVR Surveillance Systems, CCTV Security Cameras and CCTV accessories.

CameraSecurityNow.Com had partnered with in March of 2006 to provide local installation and support of their Security Surveillance Products Nationwide. The partnership has proved so effective that now the is offering Camera Security Now products in their Tech-Army PX. The Tech-Army is offering a full line of DVR Surveillance Systems, CCTV Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Dome Cameras and a full line of CCTV accessories. If you would like the expertise of a National Company with local installation and support, then the and has the solution for you.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Audio Equipment for Police Interview Rooms

More and more Law Enforcement Facilities are going with Louroe Microphone and Audio products for their Interview Rooms. Louroe has developed a product to work specifically with the new DVR CCTV Surveillance Systems. It is called an Audio Interface Adapter.

The Louroe Model IF-4 and IF-8 Audio Interface Adapters are designed for connecting up eight Louroe microphones to a DVR that has multiple audio inputs. The units contain dual outputs (per microphone) for accommodating either an RCA input or a 3.5mm (mini jack) input connection to a DVR or sound card. In addition, the IF-4 and IF-8 receive wiring from the Louroe microphones, provide phantom power and contain a variable gain adjust per output to prevent the overdriving of signal to a soundcard. All Louroe microphones are compatible with the IF-4 and IF-8.

The Verifact Model L-DT is a desktop microphone that is designed for conducting interviews or similar applications. It contains two electret condenser microphones facing opposite directions that are mounted in a sturdy non-slip ABS plastic housing for adherence to a desktop or flat surface.

More info on Louroe Products

What is framerate?

Framerate is how many frames per second (fps) a card can do. Obviously the better the framerate, the smoother the picture will be. Geovision cards have 2 framerates. One is for real-time viewing (Display rate) and the other is for watching playback (Recording Rate). Check out the post for more information.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 part of Windows Update

Internet Explorer version 7 is a part of windows update now. If you have your PC set to update automatically, expect to see IE7 next time you log in. It does have some new features like the multiple IE windows open using tabs and there is an RSS feed option. It requires Windows XP or later to run.

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Friday, December 01, 2006 Partners with, an Online distributor of DVR CCTV Camera Surveillance equipment uses the to supply local installation and service on their custom Geovision DVR Camera Security systems Nationwide.

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