Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Convenience Store Cameras Could Have Helped Solve Murder

Convenience Store Cameras Could Have Helped Solve Murder

Over the weekend, a 71-year-old convenience store clerk was shot and killed in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Two armed robbers entered the store - Hermanos Unidos on Dudley Street - on Sunday morning and shot the man when he wouldn't cooperate, according to the Boston Police Commissioner, Edward F. Davis. The owner and a customer who was in the store at the time were not harmed.

A resident who lived near the store called the victim a "grandfather figure" and said she has known him for over five years. "He's a familiar face that you wake up to everyday. You go in, say hello, and make conversation. He was a Christian. He was very kind. He never had anything bad to say about anybody or life itself," she told the Boston Globe.

One of the store's regular customers said he was a "sweet man" and always gave her "hugs and kisses."

Commissioner David said the Boston Police would be "working around the clock on this until we bring these people into custody." However, no suspects have been caught or identified and one reason for that could be because the store does not any type of surveillance cameras. Nearby businesses did have cameras and police are attempting to gain information from them, but if the store would have had its own cameras, things would be a lot easier for the Boston PD.

Convenience stores are one of the most dangerous places in the country. According to Crime Magazine, convenience store clerks fall victim to homicide more than any other occupation outside of police officers. Some cities have even created special task forces for convenience stores. Reasons for convenience store murders range from the amount of cash kept on hand to the small, easy layout of the store. Having quality security cameras installed in your convenience stores can not only save you, your customer and employees from violent crimes, but keep your business running smoothly by deterring would-be-criminals.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Even in a Fire, Restaurant Camera Comes Through

At 4:30 AM on November 9, 2009, Emory's restaurant on Silver Lake - an Everett, Washington landmark - was set on fire. Once the fire was extinguished, fire detectives found a surveillance camera in the rubble that was almost completely burned and destroyed, but a lot of hard work from the Everett Police Department's Video Forensic Unit led to a break in the case.

The task was said to be difficult and time-consuming but technicians managed to dry and salvage some shots from the camera. In the video, a man is seen walking toward the restaurant, right in the area where the fire is thought to have started, and leaving just minutes before the flames broke out. He is wearing a DC hooded sweatshirt, a baseball hat, shorts, and tennis shoes.

Robert Goetz of the Everett Police Department told local media that he hopes the release of the video will prompt someone who recognizes the suspect to call in with information. If you have information about the case, you can call the Everett Police Department tip line at 425-257-8450.
The owner of the restaurant says he plans to rebuild and that he hopes the guilt party comes forward on their own. The three-alarm fire, with reported 100-feet flames, burned through the restaurant's roof, causing severe damage. No one was injured in the fire. The restaurant should re-open this fall.

Even though there were no injuries, many local residents say they do not feel safe in their own neighborhood anymore. Resident Ron Moyer told a local news station, "When someone commits arson, that is an act of vengeance of passion and thereby there's danger involved." Another woman who enjoys walking in the area expressed similar concerns, "What can you do? Tell me what you can do about it. Crazy people go and burn something up because they don't like it."

You can view the salvaged video for yourself below:

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Even Small Towns Need Security Cameras

Even Small Towns Need Security Cameras

At the time of the 2000 Census, Newburg, Pennsyvania had about 372 residents. Located in Cumberland County, the tiny town has no traffic lights and no law enforcement, which has presented a problem for its inhabitants. That's why they've decided to take matters into their own hands.

During a borough council meeting last month, residents expressed a desire to install on-street surveillance cameras.

One of the cameras would be mounted somewhere outside of Teresa Guyer's Styling Salon. On January 15th, a car hit the telephone poll across the street from the salon - located on Main Street - and drove off. Guyer, the owner of the salon, called 911, but it took police officers an hour and a half to respond. Because the town is too small to hire its own law enforcement, they are forced to rely on state police located in the city of Carlisle, which is about 20 miles away.

And while crime isn't a major factor in the day-to-day lives of Newburg citizens, they do find themselves running across the occasional minor issue, including speeders and double-parked cars. Resident Jeremy Strayer, who lives on Main Street, told PennLive.com it's time for the town to get into the 21st century, "We might not have crime like Harrisburg and Hershey, but there are speeders and kids crossing the street.” Strayer said that in the past, his own car was hit with eggs and trash cans near his house were detonated.

Newburg Mayor, Susan Stump, says she's all for the cameras. “Cameras let people know that even though we don’t have a police department on hand, they can’t get away with anything.”

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

1,000 Cameras to Provide Security for Winter Olympics

1,000 Cameras to Provide Security for Winter Olympics
The 2010 Winter Olympic Games will take place February 8-12 in Vancouver, Canada. In an effort to beef up security for the Games, a large network of over 1,000 closed-circuit cameras have been installed.

The Olympic Integrated Security Unit, led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), had about 900 of the cameras installed in and around the Olympic venues. One hundred more will be installed in the city of Vancouver, keeping watch on city streets. This unprecedented move has some citizens uneasy and concerned about their privacy, but officials have said the cameras, which went live on February 1st, will come down after the games.

The city actually already has a number of cameras placed around the city, but the security team felt it was necessary to add surveillance. The RCMP Assistant Commissioner said the alternative would be adding more foot patrol, which would cost taxpayers unnecessary money.

The cameras are said to be on a motion-detector, meaning they won't be monitored 24/7 and will only record when a motion sensor sets them off. The system was already tested last week when an intoxicated man stumbled into view near a cruise ship being used to house police officers during the Olympic Games.

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Surveillance Cameras Can Save Your Restaurant

Surveillance Cameras Can Save Your Restaurant

Police officers in Bonneville County, Idaho are looking for someone. The person they are searching for is suspected of armed robbery at a local I-Hop restaurant. Sergeant Doug Metcalf with the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office has been trying to piece together what he can about the robbery, but there's something missing, something that could make his job a lot easier: video or a picture of the suspect from a surveillance system.

"It makes solving the crime a lot easier," Metcalf told a local news station, "Usually the ones that don't have surveillance video and all we have is a description, those could take months, years to solve."

And Metcalf is right. Having a security camera system installed in your restaurant can ultimately save your business. In the event of a robbery, or some other type of crime, police can take the video from the surveillance system and use it to find that person and arrest them so that they do not return to your restaurant.

It just so happens that this particular restaurant in Idaho had a security camera but it was not properly placed and therefore the suspect was able to take off without a trace. Poorly placed cameras are just like not having a camera at all. At the very least, you want your cameras focused on all entrances to the building, so that no one can get in without being seen. You also want to make sure that the cameras are placed at an angle so that you're able to get any potential criminal's face in the shot, not just the top of their heads.

Beyond entrances and exits, you'll want to place a camera where money transactions take place. Registers are usually where hold-ups occur and not only that, but you may be able to prevent or solve a crime involving employee theft. You want to trust employees and think the best of them, but it's always possible for one bad apple to work their way into restaurant. Employees who are aware they're being watched may think twice about stealing money, and if they do choose to steal some cash, you'll catch the incident on camera, to use as evidence.

In the long run, not having security cameras in your restaurant can be very harmful to your business. It can end up costing you thousands of dollars and maybe even more. Below are some tips and ideas about installing cameras in your restaurant.

  1. Make sure your cameras are pointed so that you can see the faces of customers.

  2. Place outdoor cameras that help identify cars that enter your parking lot.

  3. Have cameras in locations where any cash handling transactions take place.

  4. Cameras placed at counters can help you monitor long lines and schedule staff for peak hours.

  5. You always want to have cameras placed at entrances and exits so you can see everyone who enters and exits your building.

  6. Outdoor video can keep track of any vandalism to the outside of your building, any landscaping you may have in your parking lot, or if you have an outdoor dining area.

  7. Many restaurant owners are surprised at the types of surprises they come across when they place a camera at their dumpsters.

  8. Make sure your video is viewable from a remote location, such as your home or office computer, or even your wireless laptop.

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Sugar Land Police Make the Most of Security Cameras

Sugar Land Police Make the Most of Security Cameras
If you're planning to commit a crime in Sugar Land, Texas, you better hope there aren't any cameras around. Lately, the Sugar Land Police Department has been using high-quality surveillance systems to their advantage. The cameras are leading to arrests, providing evidence, and helping police to remove dangerous and obnoxious criminals from the street.

On January 24th, 2010, at 11:41, PM, the Sugar Land Police Department received a call about several men breaking into cars in the parking lot of the AMC Theater located on Town Center Boulevard. Six men were taken into custody, based on the description provided by witnesses. But when it came time to file charges against the suspects, police turned to the AMC Theater's surveillance video. The video led to charges of burglary of a motor vehicle and engaging in organized criminal activity for the six young men, who ranged from age 17-21.

"This incident illustrates the importance of citizens being aware of their surroundings and immediately reporting suspicious activity to police. It also shows the value of surveillance cameras as an investigative tool," said Sgt. Mike Richards of the Sugar Land Police Department. The police department is currently working with neighborhoods and retail establishments to encourage surveillance camera installation for security purposes.

As a matter of fact, it was the cameras at the entrance of Eldridge Lake Subdivision that helped provide detectives with information about a woman who was attacked in her garage. On January 22nd, at 10:00 PM, a 60-year-old woman was in her garage, exiting her vehicle. She was confronted by three men who displayed a handgun and took her cell phone and purse. They lady was not hurt and said she noticed the men were driving a red car. Cameras that had been purchased and installed by the neighborhood's homeowners association confirmed the woman's words. A newer, red Chevrolet Cavalier followed the woman into the subdivision and left shortly after the robbery took place.

The police are still looking for the three men, who were described as being around six feet tall, wearing black clothing and ski masks. If you have any information, please contact the Sugar Land Police Department at 281-275-2540 or Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS (8477).

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