Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cincinnati to receive security cameras

Cincinnati CCTV Security CamerasCincinnati Ohio will be installing 120 “crime cameras” soon after receiving a two million dollar federal grant.

Cincinnati City Council is hoping to see similar results as observed in Chicago where their 600 surveillance cameras have reportedly assisted in 1,400 arrests.

Cincinnati has long been plagued by an increasing crime rate since 2000 and it is hoped that the cameras will bring back a feeling of security to the citizens. “Hopefully by doing this….we really begin to make our neighborhoods safer,” said City Councilwoman Roxanne Qualls.

The cameras, in addition to being available to police patrol from laptops within the cruisers, will be viewable to 911 dispatchers after receiving a call. It is even said the cameras can even zoom in on the sound of gunfire.

The new Cincinnati Security Cameras will first see action around Glenway Avenue this October.

Monday, June 23, 2008

CCTV installers wanted

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Toldeo requires CCTV cameras in small restaurants and convenience stores

Toledo CCTV Systems

An ordinance was just passed in Toledo, Ohio that requires convenience stores and small restaurant owners to install a CCTV system in their business.

The ordinance requires all CCTV systems to meet the following criteria:
• Produce a "recognizable, color, retrievable, enlargeable, and reproducible photographic images of persons" and that they be of sufficient clarity for identification purposes; remain fixed and not pan in the designated area.
• Camera must cover the cash register or area where the money is being exchanged.
• CCTV System must be maintained to make sure it is in proper working order and have a light or other signals that shows the system has been activated.
• Business must post sign stating that the business is under video surveillance.
• Recorded tapes must be kept for 30 days and business owners are required to ensure the accuracy of the time keeping in conjunction with what has been recorded.
• The recorded images must be able to be retrieved by the police department's crime lab.

Those found in violation of the following will be subject to fines of $100 each day until the ordinances criteria is met.

The law has been recently been challenged by local business owners who are claiming the law is unconstitutional. With the law being challenged the city has delayed the enforcing of the new law until July 1. Business owners say that they are having a hard time trying to meet the criteria, due to the cost of buying and installing the CCTV systems and the cost of buying the license. Some business say that they might have to close down if the law is to be enforced.

Andy Went from CameraSecurityNow says he has seen a definite increase in calls from small business owners looking for a quote for a security camera system.

Toledo is not the only city to adopt a law designed to help prevent crime around convenience stores. Houston, Texas and Hartford, Connecticut have both adopted laws similar to Toledo’s security camera law.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The AgCam - Surveillance for farmers and ranchers

AgCam for Farming Industry Security and SurveillanceThe AgCam was designed and developed by an American farmer, for American farmers and ranchers. They bring so much to the table, especially for a farmer or rancher. But you don't have to be in the farming industry to enjoy the benefits of the AgCam.

The AgCam was engineered to work in the most harsh of environment without any loss in performance. The video will always be crisp and clean. The AgCam is fully weather and waterproof. Its encased in a solid aluminum housing that is sealed with triple o-rings. It's equipped with an exclusive auto shading lens for when pointed in direct sunlight and it has automatic infrared illuminators for in dark conditions. It's low profile makes it easy to find a suitable place for mounting. A 20lb pull magnet is used for mounting, which also allows for mobility. You can use this camera for anything from watching livestock to watching what you are towing with your truck. You can even use them for theft protection, hunting or ice fishing!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Outdoor Wireless IR IP Cameras

Wireless IP Outdoor CameraThe Outdoor Wireless Infrared IP Camera has many more capabilities and advantages over standard wired camera devices. This camera can communicate wirelessly with any standard 802.11/g wireless devices allowing tons of flexibility when installing and operating the camera. The camera also uses encryption methods and password protection to protect your wireless network from unwanted intrusions. This model was designed for outdoor use and operation and functions perfectly in extreme temperatures and is splash resistant and can hold its own in wet weather.

The camera also has the ability to enable two-way voice communications between the network camera and a PC being used to monitor the camera. Because the camera connects wirelessly accessing the cameras feed is easy and you can connect from any PC with access to the internet and can be viewed in real time. By accessing your camera wirelessly you can also change many of its settings including color and night view settings, camera name, white balance, and even pan/tilt range. Another unique feature is the camera has sensors that can be triggered by motion, sound, light, and timer. One of the most unique features of this camera is that it comes equipped with an infrared heat sensor and can be set to record automatically and even notify you by e-mail.

These features make this camera perfect for monitoring any type of important entrance, room, or even a parking lot. Due to its wireless capabilities the camera can be set up virtually anywhere allowing for convenient placement anywhere you would like. A popular use of this camera is as a home security device to monitor your front door and to see who's visited your front door in your absence. These cameras are also being employed by banks and business to watch their vaults and security safes to see who's been entering an area. Hotels have also been utilizing these types of cameras to monitor their parking lot for vandals and to get license plates of all their visitors.

If you are interested in this product call us at 877-422-1907 or see here for an Outdoor Wireless IR IP Camera Quote.