Thursday, March 25, 2010

Security Cameras Lead to Rapist's Arrest

Security Cameras Lead to Rapist's Arrest

A Cypress, Texas man accused of rape has been arrested and police can thank quality security cameras. The man is accused of raping a teenage girl in her home.

23-year-old Michael Chenault was arrested earlier this month when a Crime Stoppers tip came in to police. The tip said the suspect had been spotted in a specific area on a bicycle and according to officials was even wearing the same clothes he had worn during the incident. Undercover officers spotted and arrested the man.

According to the Houston Chronice, Chenault was wearing a hooded Texas A&M sweatshirt, jeans, and a baseball cap when he broke into the girl's home in a local subdivision. He pulled a knife on the fifteen year old girl and assaulter her in her bedroom.

Before leaving the house, he stole a credit card along with a few other small items. The girl was able to give police a description of the man and in turn, police were able to get that description to the public. He was later spotted and caught on camera at a local Wal-mart, using the stolen credit card. Police were able to use the captured images to get more information about the man to the public.

Chenault was charged by the Harris County Sheriff's office with burglary with intent to commit sexual assault and burglary of a habitation. The man's criminal history goes back at least six years, with charges of car burglary and breaking into a home among others. He is currently being held without bail.

Thanks to the help of a good security camera, there is one less criminal on the streets.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Security Cameras for Apartment Buildings

Security Cameras for Apartment Buildings

Anyone who owns an apartment building or complex know security is an important issue. Apartment buildings often become the scene for a number of crimes for many reasons. One way to protect your business and your tenants is to have properly installed quality security cameras in and around your building. Here is a look at what you need to know about apartment building security cameras.

First of all, installing cameras in and around your apartment building serves a number of purposes. You can prevent theft and vandalism; often times a would-be criminal sees a camera and thinks twice about committing a crime. You'll also secure public places where your residents often congregate. Surveillance cameras at various entrances and in hallways may prevent or detect intruders or even violence or other criminal acts committed by your own residents. And these days, you can access your camera footage from almost anywhere. If you're at home or in your office, you can get online, log in, and instantly see what your cameras are seeing, making it easy to check in on your building.

Before setting up your security camera system, you'll need to consider a few things. For example, what kind of security is already in place? If you can't afford to outfit your entire building with cameras, but you have a guard at a certain door, maybe you can skip that door and mount your cameras at other entrances. If you have problems with certain areas, maybe a stairwell or a particular hallway, you'll want to consider put cameras in those areas first. Other things you'll need to consider are the layout of your building, where your tenants park, and how many buildings make up your complex.

When you do finally place your cameras, don't forget to do the following:

1. Place cameras in areas like parking garages, common areas, mail and laundry rooms, and other places where people often go outside of their individual apartment.

2. Place cameras in administrative areas, especially in areas where rent may be paid. You never know when something could go wrong.

3. Place cameras at entrances so that in the event the wrong person enters your building, you've got a good look at at them and pictures for the police and media.

4. Visit for some of the best rates in the business on surveillance cameras for apartment buildings.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Six Tips for Choosing the Right Security Cameras

Six Tips for Choosing the Right Security Cameras

There are so many different types of security cameras out there and choosing one can be difficult. Below are six tips that can help you decide what types of camera you need.

1. Look at your floor plan. How far do you need your camera to be able cover? You want to put your camera as close to your target surveillance area as possible. This will then determine how much zoom you need in your lens: 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, or something more.

2. What is your field of view or area of surveillance? How wide is your viewing area? Do you need an angle or fisheeye lens? This Field of View Calculator can help you determine that.

3. What sort of resolution do you need? Are you wanting to catch a person's face or a license plate. How much detail you are hoping to capture will determine what quality of camera you need and where your camera will need to be placed.

4. Is there a potential for vandalism? Security cameras are often prey for vandals because no one wants to be caught on camera. Also, the weather and other environmental factors can affect your camera. Do you need protective housing or a vandal-resistant camera for these reasons?

5. What's the lighting like? Are you putting your camera in a well-lit area or is the lighting poor? Maybe the area is outdoors and lighting is unpredictable. In this case, you may need an infrared or low light camera.

6. How much are you willing to spend? You probably have a budget and that's okay, but keep in mind the more you're willing to spend, the better system of cameras you'll get. But also keep in mind that any camera, even a relatively inexpensive one, is better than no camera at all.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Surveillance Cameras for Pharmacies

Surveillance Cameras for Pharmacies

Any type of retail outlet or health care facility should have surveillance cameras for a number of reasons. A pharmacy combines both of those worlds, so it's even more important that a pharmacy be protected by quality security cameras. Pharmacies contain an inventory of items that are expensive and in high demand, and that makes security an even bigger issue.

Your pharmacy's security cameras can serve a number of purposes. Cameras placed at key locations can protect your staff and your customers from harm. They can deter would-be criminals and catch any sort of illegal, criminal activity. When a crime is caught on camera, police are able to release video to the public or use it in other ways that may lead to an arrest. Also, video footage can provide an objective witness in the event it is needed for a court case.

Cameras may also help keep your prices low and competitive. Pharmacies often have a problem with stolen stock, due to the nature of their inventory. Stolen drugs can drive up prices and even eventually run you out of business.

When you do decide to purchase a surveillance camera system for your pharmacy, there are a few things to consider. What is the size of your store? Are you located in a large retail store or are you in your own building? Is your pharmacy freestanding or are you part of a strip mall or other building? How do your customers receive their drugs? Do you have a drive-through service or do all transactions take place at the counter? Do you already have any type of security in place? An alarm system, other cameras, or a guard, for example? Maybe you want to compliment what you already have or maybe you are starting from scratch. Also, you'll want to consider any type of problems you've had in the past. Do you find a certain aisle always has missing inventory? Does your drive-through always fall prey to hold-ups or other incidents?

Once you've answered these questions, you'll want to keep a few things in mind while installing the cameras. You'll want to place your cameras where every customer you serve is caught on video, both at the counter and the drive-through if you have one. You need to be sure you catch every person's face on camera and if you do have a drive-through, catching their license plate numbers on camera can also serve you well. Just be sure you are protecting well-meaning customers' medical information private. You'll also want to monitor areas where you keep drugs in storage or discard unneeded items. These areas are very attractive to thieves who are looking to get drugs they are unable to get without a prescriptions.

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Monday, March 08, 2010

Arkansas High School Improves Security with Cameras

Arkansas High School Improves Security with Cameras

Schools are some of the most common places for security cameras. Keeping our children safe is more important than anything else in the world. And one school in Corning, Arkansas has learned that lesson well.

In November, Corning High School found three different bomb threats written on a boy's bathroom wall...all in one week. Unfortunately, no one has been charged but law enforcement is still investigating. Fortunately, a week before the bomb threats, cameras were installed in the schools and according School Resource Officer Dwight Brown, have been a helping with the investigation and with other problems.

"Cameras are really a big help," he told a local news station. "You can definitely see a big difference. Last year when we didn't have them you had a lot of people roaming the halls."

Even students agree the school is safer with the added cameras. "They find stuff that some people can't find as if there was a discipline problem and nobody saw it they could find it on the cameras," one eighth grader said.

And a senior in the school said, "We've had vandalism problems in the past and since they show the outside we can really use them."

One teacher said he's noticed less graffiti in the bathrooms and outside the school. Students don't know where all the cameras are located, but for the most part, most of them say they aren't worried about it because they aren't doing anything wrong. One school official says the cameras have helped with "he said, she said" incidents because teachers and administrators now have that information on video.

The cameras aren't just on the high school campus. Two elementary schools have cameras as well. And all of the buses in the district have added cameras too, which has helped take the pressure off of drivers, so they can spend more time driving kids to and from school and less time worrying about who is doing what.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

5 Reasons to Install Security Cameras in Your Business

5 Reasons to Install Security Cameras in Your Business

If you own a business, you're probably constantly thinking about safety and security among a million other things. Keeping your business, your employees, and yourself safe takes priority over everything else. Security cameras can take a huge weight off your shoulders, by being the extra set of eyes and ears you need in the event something goes horribly wrong. But there are so many other reasons why you should consider installing a quality surveillance camera system in your business.

1. Deter Crime - If you're worried about crime, cameras can not only catch criminals in the act, but the very presence of surveillance systems can make a would-be criminal think twice about any wrong-doing. Think about it, if you planned rob or vandalize a store or office, would you want to do it if you knew you were being recorded?

2. Prevent Employee Theft - Chances are you've gone to great lengths to screen new employees but even the best employers can make a mistake. If you suspect one of your employees of wrong-doing but don't know where to begin to try to get to the bottom of things, a camera can be a very helpful tool. This is especially true if you own an establishment where cash is exchanged. Cameras posted near cash registers or other places where employees are often stationed can not only show you if an employee is stealing, but may even deter an employee from committing a crime if they know you're watching.

3. Be used as evidence - If a crime is committed in or around your business and the person accused of committing the crime was caught on camera, you've got an extra piece of evidence for a court case. Jurors and judges can watch footage or view photos from your security cameras and establish that the person on trial did indeed commit the crime. Not only will you be preventing the same person from causing you more trouble in the future, you'll be helping out your entire community.

4. Help law enforcement solve crimes - This is probably one of the biggest reasons cameras in businesses are used. When someone commits a crime and is caught on camera, police and other law enforcement officials can use the footage to release video or photos to the public via various media outlets. Having a picture of the suspect can make a world of difference when it comes to making an arrest and getting dangerous criminal off the street.

5. Keep an eye on things - If you can't be at the office all the time but like to know what's going on, a security camera can help do just that. You can keep an eye on things from your home computer with a few quick clicks of your mouse and make sure your business is running smoothly and nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

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