Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Security Camera Systems for Businesses

Businesses are turning to video surveillance in new new and innovative ways.

Such as using the video system for training new employees, time and motion studies and covert surveillance.

Cameras clearly are protecting business and saving money.
Cameras can be found at the car wash and the corner store. If you drive buy an office or warehouse, chances are, there is camera surveillance in the area.

We recommend the following Business
CCTV DVR - Click on link for fast personal quotation:
GV-600 with 4 Camera Connections 30 Frames Per Second, 1 Channel Audio, 200 Gb Video Storage
GV-800 with 8 Camera Connections 120 Frames Per Second,4 Channels Audio, 400 Gb Video Storage
GV1240 with 16 Camera Connections 240 Frames Per Second, 4 Channels Audio, 800 Gb Video Storage
GV1480 with 16 Camera Connections 480 Frames Per Second, Optional 16 Channel Sound, 1TB Storage

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