Monday, November 16, 2009

Florida Officers Caught On Security Camera Playing Wii

Wii video games are gaining popularity all over the world, they're so easy to play they're almost ideal even for non-gammers. Well that was never proven more true than during a Florida drug task force raid in September.

Polk County Sheriff's Drug Task Force raided a home near Lakeland, FL. Instead of acting like professional police officers, they were distracted by a video game, Wii Bowling, to be exact. Unfortunately for the officers, the whole day was caught on a security camera connected to the homeowners computer. (Video.)

Various members of the task force are seen on video playing a game of Wii Bowling for more than an hour. While the whole raid lasted roughly nine hours and cost the tax payers of Polk Country nearly $4,000. In all, 11 members of the team were found to be at fault in an internal investigation. They all received 2 hours of retraining and their supervising sergeants are to complete 4 hours of retraining.

"We are learning from our mistakes," said sheriff's Chief of Staff Gary Hester. "I'm absolutely convinced these folks will never do that again. I think we handled (the investigation) appropriately."

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