Monday, September 10, 2007

Benefits of Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet Security CamerasOne of the most cost effective solutions for CCTV monitoring, bullet cameras provide great quality at low cost. These cameras are also compact and discrete, coming in sizes slightly over 2 inches long.

Also Designed for versatility, bullet cameras can function both indoors and outdoors, and can also perform in both normal and low-light conditions making them very flexible. If you are in a situation where there is no light, bullet cameras can also be equipped with an infrared lens, letting them see in the dark.

All of these advantages make the Bullet Security Camera ideal for situations in which space is limited, you wish to remain discrete, and when you need to keep costs at a minimum.

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Jim Hoerricks said...

Bullet cameras have their uses, but are not for every installation. I have seen many installations where these were used for monitoring views - which renders the resulting video useless in trying to identify items or individuals.
Jim Hoerricks - Forensic Phtoshop