Thursday, April 20, 2006

CCTV Experiences

Woody, JVC and myself have been working with Austin from ABB1 Shredding on their camera server. They were only getting 8 days of recording on 500GB hard drive space.

I talked them through lowering their settings, Brian did the same and so did JVC. It came down to them having several outdoor cameras viewing aluminum cans, the glare from the sun and night lights kept the images recording 24/7 even though it was set to record on motion only. They were using up 80GBs a day in storage.

Austin called this morning to thank us for taking the time to work with him and also wanted to pass along the solution that he stumbled upon. He had asked me and JVC if the brightness, contrast and color setting had anything to do with the saved file size.

We both told him no. Good thing he did not listen to us. What he did to solve the problem was lower the brightness and contrast, eliminating the sun flashes and now the outside images are a little darker, but they only record when something really moves. So the saying is true, you learn something new everyday. Bill

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